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Dr. Giacomo BonoDr. Giacomo Bono ·

PSY 495: Design Your Life in Eastern Europe
PSY 495: Cross Cultural Psychology in the Field - Bulgaria

Dr. Bono is assistant professor in psychology. His PhD is Applied Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University (2003). His research focuses on well-being, social relationships, and character development. He teaches research methods, lifespan development and specialty courses, such as Design Your Life, which focus on personal and vocational development.

Dr. Jennifer BrodmannDr. Jennifer Brodmann ·

FIN 360: Business Finance
BUS 495: Entrepreneurial Finance for Emerging Markets

Dr. Brodmann is assistant professor of finance at CSUDH. Her Ph.D. is from the University of New Orleans (UNO). Her research focuses on corporate and entrepreneurial finance. She has traveled throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Central America. She has presented her research throughout the U.S. and overseas in Cambridge, U.K. at several conferences, which include the Eastern Finance Association, Southwestern Finance Association, Academy of Financial Services, Academy of Economics and Finance, and the Gulf Research Council. Dr. Brodmann’s research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals, which include the International Review of Economics and Finance, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Journal of Business Accounting and Finance Perspectives, Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development, and Borsa Istanbul Review.

Dr. John KeyantashDr. John Keyantash ·

GEO 495: Special Topics: Geodiversity and Sustainability in the Balkans

Dr. Keyantash is Chair of the Department of Earth Science & Geography at CSUDH, where he teaches courses in physical geography, including surface water, groundwater, meteorology, climatology, and natural disasters. He researches the extremes of the water cycle: the severity of drought and the hydrological characteristics of large waterfalls. He has traveled extensively to many of the world’s greatest falls. He enjoys bicycling, backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, and sampling exotic tropical fruits. He is married and has a nine year-old daughter.

Dr. Sarah A LacyDr. Sarah A Lacy ·

ANT 350: Prehistory of Africa and Eurasia
ANT 495: Eastern European Archaeology

Dr. Lacy is an assistant professor of biological anthropology at CSUDH. She received her PhD at Washington University in 2014 and pursues research on oral health in Neandertals and early modern humans across Europe and Southwest Asia, in the context of their prevalence among recent humans. Exploring a health problem documented in early humans, and thus providing a deep time evolutionary perspective, helps to contextualize what is known about oral health today including the origins of differential global health. She teaches classes covering human disease, human-environment interaction and paleolithic archaeology topics. She is also passionate about science outreach, sharing information about primate fossils on her Instagram account, @hothominins.

Dr. Jerry MooreDr. Jerry D. Moore ·

ANT 102: Ancient Civilizations

Dr. Moore is professor of anthropology at CSUDH. He received his Ph.D in Anthropology from the University of California Santa Barbara in 1986. His research, which has focused primarily on the Prehispanic Andes, has been supported by NSF, NEH, the National Geographic Society, and other organizations.

He has written Architecture and Power in the Prehispanic Andes: The Archaeology of Public Building (1996), Visions of Culture: An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists (2012 4th ed.), Cultural Landscapes in the Prehispanic Andes: Archaeologies of Place (2005), The Prehistory of Home (2012; 2014 Society for American Archaeology Book Award), A Prehistory of South America: Ancient Cultural Diversity of the Least Known Continent (2014), Incidence of Travel: Recent Journeys in Ancient South America (2017), and other books, articles and scientific papers.

Dr. Thomas J. NormanDr. Thomas J. Norman ·

MGT 495: Special Topics: Managing in Eastern Europe

Dr. Norman is professor of management at CSUDH. His Ph.D. is from the University of Minnesota (2009). He has conducted research in Poland, China, Ethiopia and Cameroon. He has taught in Albania, Vietnam and Singapore. His research focuses on globalization, technology and the workplace. He has written a book and two chapters on outsourcing of human resources. His current research examines workplace aggression, management education in emerging economies and the use of augmented reality in employment interviews.

Dr. Sheela PawarDr. Sheela Pawar ·

PHI 383: Comparative Religion

Dr. Pawar is an associate professor of philosophy at CSUDH. She earned her Ph.D in Philosophy of Religion and Theology from the Claremont Graduate University (2002). She teaches both philosophy and religious studies courses and recently completed an NEH summer institute on teaching world religions. Her research is on the concept of trust, violence and religion, and the intersection of religious studies and philosophy of religion. She enjoys travelling and is excited to participate for the first time in the Bulgaria study abroad program.

Dr. Christopher PottsDr. Christopher Potts ·

ENG 495: Travel Writing

Dr. Potts is a lecturer in English at CSUDH. His Ph.D. is from Claremont Graduate University. His scholarly research is focused on ontological rhetoric and speculative design, but his interests span disciplines and millennia. In addition to his scholarly work in rhetoric and composition, modernist literature, and travel writing, Dr. Potts is an accomplished musician and artist, a Historical European Martial Arts practitioner, and a creative writer. His new project is Prodigia, a graphic horror novel set in 14th century Scotland. He is married with one child and loves to travel.

Zach TrebinoZach Trebino ·

ANT 495: Anthropology of Performance

Mr. Trebino is a playwright, performance artist, and scholar. He holds an MFA in Experimental Performance from Towson University. His performance work has been seen in venues and festivals throughout the United States and abroad, including The Bronx Museum of the Arts (NYC), The Dixon Place (NYC), EMP Collective (Balitmore), The Lyric Hyperion (LA), Crane Arts (Philadelphia), and the Varna International Theatre Festival (Varna, Bulgaria). His translation of August Strindberg's ghost sonata regularly receives academic and professional productions, with one forthcoming at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. In 2019, Zach served as the Bulgarian correspondent for the Center for International Theatre Development. His research focuses on the abject, Post-Soviet Eastern European theatre, and the performance of science.

Sonja UlrichSonja Ulrich ·

ANT 100: Intro to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 341: Folklore

Ms. Ulrich is a lecturer in anthropology and behavioral sciences at CSUDH. She received her M.A. in Cultural Anthropology from California State University Long Beach in 2011. Her research focuses on health care practices among peasant communities in Chiapas, Mexico (2011).

As a native of Germany, Sonja has traveled throughout Europe, as wells as India, Africa, and the United States. She has a particular interest in traditional craft production, traditional Middle Eastern dancing, and preservation of folk knowledge.

Hal WearyDr. Hal Weary ·

MUS 390: Music Marketing, Media and Management

Dr. Hal Weary enjoys working and thinking across genres in music and disciplines in the arts, and has international experience as a pianist, composer, and scholar. His research interests include music entrepreneurship and innovation in the music industry. He has a great deal of success working in many different facets of the music industry - Artistry, Industry, Technology, and Pedagogy: “Entrepreneurial & Innovative artists, who obtain musical expression, and advanced knowledge of music industry and music technology increasingly, drive the musical ecosystem. It is essential for artists to develop an immense skill set and a diverse portfolio to thrive in the changing landscape of the 21st century, both locally and globally."

Dr. Weary earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from San José State University, a Master of Music from William Paterson University and a Doctor of Musical Arts from Five Towns College. He is an Assistant Professor with a specialization in Music Industry at CSU, Dominguez Hills. He held previous faculty appointments at Wayne State University and Albright College, and was an Agent at the Harry Fox Agency in New York City.

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