Registration Conflicts

Enrollment Limits

A student is permitted to enroll in no more than one unit per week during Summer Self Support or a maximum of 12 units. That breaks down to 6 units for Session I or II (5 units if Session II is 5 weeks), and 12 units for Regular Session. It is possible for a student to exceed the maximum 12-unit load by completing the Permission to Exceed Maximum Units Form, obtaining the required signatures, and submitting the form to Extended Education Registration. To exceed units, you must obtain the signature of your advisor on a Change of Program Form, along with the signatures of the instructors for the classes you wish to add and the Dean of the school or college in which the student is majoring. Undeclared majors must obtain the signature of the director of the University Advisement Center.

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Some classes require concurrent enrollment in a laboratory or activity section as well as in a lecture or seminar section, or concurrent enrollment in one or more other class. Failure to add/waitlist both or all co-requisites will result in being dropped from your original request.

Enrollment restrictions

Some classes are restricted to students in specific degree programs, in specific class levels (e.g. seniors), or in certain level students (e.g. graduates).

Departments may choose to require department consent for some classes in order to screen students for eligibility.

Questions about enrollment restrictions and eligibility for specific classes should be directed to the department concerned.

Students who are not eligible for restricted classes may be able to obtain approval from the department in special circumstances. A Permission Number must be obtained from the appropriate department representative. The PN, available from department offices, must be used via where registration in the restricted class can be completed provided a seat is available. Note: You may place yourself on a waitlist if the requested class is full; however, if the class has a required co-requisite, it will be necessary to waitlist for both co-requisite sections. You may not register for one and waitlist the other.

Time Conflicts

Students with permission from both instructors to enroll in classes with a time conflict, will need to file an Approval for Time Conflict form obtainable from the Records & Registration Office.

Check Class Availability

If you find that a desired class is full or cancelled, prepare a list of alternate courses and/or class sections before attempting to register in anticipation that your first choice class/section is full or cancelled.

Full Classes

If you attempt to register for a class that is already full, you will be given two options:

i) to check for open sections of the same course

ii) to place yourself on a waitlist for the requested section

In order to secure a seat in the class, it is recommended that you check for open sections first and register for an open section, if any. If no open sections exist, you may wish to place yourself on a waitlist for the full section of your choice. Please refer to the instructions on waitlisting.

Cancelled Classes

See “Check Class Availability” (above). If you register for a course which is subsequently cancelled, you will receive email notification and should register for an alternate class or section as soon as possible.

Schedule Adjustment/Schedule Review

Remember, you may change or review your schedule any time during the registration period. If you choose to exchange one class for another, add the new class before dropping the other class (unless you have reached the maximum enrollment limit). If you wish to drop a class without adding another, please do not delay as a courtesy to another student trying to add the class. You may also review your schedule or drop classes at any time during Late Registration.

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