Registration Eligibility

 All Qualified Students are eligible to register for CSUDH Summer Sessions. This includes students attending other universities, students who are not currently enrolled in college, international students, and qualified high school students. High school students who are rising juniors and above can take lower-division courses with the permission of their high school counselor and principal.

New or Returning Students

You are a new student if you have not attended CSUDH previously.

You are a returning student if you:

  • are an undergraduate student and have not enrolled for two or more semesters;
  • are a graduate student and have not enrolled for one semester;
  • attended another academic institution since last attending CSUDH; or
  • graduated from CSUDH and choose to begin post-graduate studies. Returning students must reapply for admission.
  • Failure to pay registration fees will result in cancellation of your application and you will be required to reapply for any subsequent term.

Returning from an approved planned educational leave

You must submit a completed CSU application (no application fee required) to Admission and Records as official notification of your intent to return from an approved Planned Educational Leave. If you have taken courses at another institution during your leave, you must also provide official transcripts. To be eligible for Registration, your application to return must be submitted and processed prior to the Registration dates listed earlier (the deadline to submit an application to return from a Planned Leave is the first day of the academic term in which you plan to return). Please contact Admissions & Records for further questions concerning Planned Educational Leave processing at (310) 243-3645.

Continuing Students

You are considered a continuing student if you:

  1. attended CSUDH as a matriculated student in the Spring 2022 or Fall 2021 semester;
  2. are a graduate student who has attended CSUDH as a matriculated student in the Fall 2021 semester;
  3. have not attended another academic institution since attending CSUDH; and
  4. have not applied to graduate from CSUDH in the Fall 2022 term.