Student Identification (ID) Number

 You were assigned a student identification number (student ID number) when you were admitted to the university. You can view this number in the "my profiles" section of ToroPay.

Why do I need this number?
In some offices, in addition to showing your student identification card, you are required to enter your ID number into a key pad so that the staff member can retrieve your student record. In the student information system, the student record is not primarily tied to your social security number, or your 98 number. A new number has been assigned which is now your primary identification number. This will be the same number that you should enter on the keypads in the Office of Admissions and Records and the Cashier's Office.

Can I use this number to log into the MyCSUDH Portal?
No, you must use your username and password to login to the portal page. This information was also provided in your Admissions letter of acceptance.

Will you be able to identify my record using the 98 number in MyCSUDH?
Students who were here before the Fall 2008 semester had ID numbers that started with 98. Yes, we can retrieve your records using your 98 number, but this number must be entered into a special field before we can search for your record. This may cause a slight delay in the search for your record, however. You can continue to use this number in your transcript requests and other correspondence with the university. For security purposes, we ask that you use the campus-assigned student ID numbers for transacting business.

What if I'm not a CSUDH Student?
If you are not a CSUDH student, or you have been admitted to CSUDH, but have not yet taken a class, you will be assigned a student ID number at the time of registration into your first class.