Testing Information & Schedule

The Testing Office and some departments offer tests throughout the academic year. It is important to meet with an advisor to review which test you should take. Separate fees are charged for each test. Refer to the "Testing Schedule" for test dates offered at CSUDH by the Testing Office.


Some courses may be taken by Credit-by-Examination. To receive credit-by-examination you must register for the course. It is important to read the conditions and restrictions in the current University Catalog. A “Petition for Credit-by-Examination” must be filed by the dates designated by the Registrar. Forms may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office, WH C290.

Credit by Examination for English 110, 111, 350 and 352

Students wishing to earn credit by examination for English 110, English 111, English 350 or English 352 must contact the English Department in LCH E-315 or phone (310) 243-3322.


  1. Register for the course or courses you wish to receive credit for.
  2. Fill out a petition to take the test. Petition forms are available in the English Department Office, LCH E-315, and must be on file in the English Department Office.
  3. Provide verification of satisfactory performance on tests or in courses. Verification in the form of letters of notification, scores reported by testing agencies, grade slips, or transcripts will be checked before the petition forms are accepted by the English Department Office.
  4. Present an official picture ID such as a CSUDH Student Identification Card or a valid driver’s license to the test administrator.
  5. Bring an 8½ x 11” Blue Book to the examination.

Please Note:

  • Each student petitioning to take English 110 is required to have an English Placement Test (EPT) score of T-155 and E-8 or higher. A student exempted from the EPT on the basis of a satisfactory score on the EEE, AP, SAT-Verbal, ACT, or College Board Achievement Test in English Composition with essay may attempt to earn Credit-by-Examination. (Only test scores will be used to determine the eligibility of a student.)
  • English 111 must have completed English 110, or its equivalent, with a grade of “B” or better. Eligible students may apply for Credit-by-Examination for both English 110 and 111 at the same time.
  • English 350 is required to complete English 110 and 111 (or their equivalents) with an average grade of “B” or better.
  • English 352 must show a passing score of at least eight (8) on the graduation competency in writing examination (GWE) or have successfully completed English 350, Advanced Composition, or the equivalent, with a grade of “B” or better. The student also must have completed English 110 and 111 or their equivalents.

Students who are unsuccessful in their attempt to earn Credit-by-Examination may remain in the class, complete the work, and be awarded credit upon successful completion of course requirements. Students who pass the examination may NOT remain in the class to earn grades better than those earned on the examination. They may, however, retake the course in a later semester to improve grades lower than “C” in accordance with the Repeat and Cancel Policy.

Additional information on earning Credit-by-Examination appears in the current University Catalog.

Graduate Exercise in English

Graduate students in the English Department (Literature Option) are required to pass the Graduate Exercise. Students are expected to fulfill this requirement at the start of their graduate work.

The Graduate Exercise will be offered twice a year on the Thursday before the spring and fall semester classes begin. It will consist of analyzing a short poem or passage. Students may bring a dictionary. Graduate students who have completed their prerequisite courses should register for the Graduate Exercise in the English department office, LCH E315.