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The program consists of 2 academic courses (GED 548 & GED 549), followed by a teaching internship (GED 594S). Completing GED 548 & GED 549 is a PRE-REQUISITE for the internship (GED 594S); you CANNOT sign up for the internship without first successfully completing the required academic courses.

Course Schedule

Major: Education | Program: Community College Teaching Certificate | * C = Class Canceled *

Start DateEnd DateCRNDeptCourse TitleUnitsDaysHoursBldg/RmFeeInstructor

Spring 2020

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01/14/202002/08/202023119GED 549 41The Community College2--INT NET$606 R McGinness
02/03/202005/22/202023122GED 594 71Independent Study (Internship)3--OFF CAMP$909 M Sklar
02/18/202004/11/202023121GED 548 41Effective College Teaching3--INT NET$909 R McGinness
04/28/202005/23/202023120GED 549 42The Community College2--INT NET$606 R McGinness

Summer 2020

 05/26/2020 07/18/2020 30560GED 548 41Effective College Teaching3--INT NET$909R McGinness

Fall 2020

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* Schedule subject to change; consult with instructor for specific date details | Updated 01/10/20

Courses Descriptions

GED 548 | Effective College Teaching

3 units
Study of research, theory, and practices associated with teaching and learning processes within the community college system. Topics include course planning and organization, student diversity, teaching and student retention, and instructional technology.
Required Text: Tools for Teaching.
GED 548 Syllabus Online ►

GED 549 | The Community College

2 units
An overview of the history, mission and function of the community college. Topics include the history of higher education, the role of the community college, student characteristics, curriculum, finance, governance, articulations and the California Master Plan.
Required Text: The American Community College.
GED 549 Syllabus Online ►

GED 594 | College Teaching Internship

3 units | Prerequisites: GED 548 & GED 549 | Spring and Fall Terms Only
A one semester internship consisting of classroom instruction, the equivalent of 45 hours per semester or 3 hours per week on a 15 week model. Ordinarily, the internship consists of an appropriate combination of the classroom-related activities, determined in consultation between mentor teacher and intern. The Internship Coordinator arranges an on-site observation of one of the intern's classroom presentations. An assessment is made of the intern's performance and an evaluation form is filed in writing.

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