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Registration Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm  |  Friday 8am-5pm  | 
Saturday 8am-1:30pm

Administration Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Registration, Information & Customer Service


     Phone: 310.243.3741
    Fax: 310.516.3971

Danielle Reeves
Director, Registration & Student Services
Jackie McKenzie
Christina Baltazar
Accounting Technician
Deirdre Fisher
Payroll Technician
Michelle Ortega-Bacalso
Registration Associate, Military & WIOA Advising
Gayle Heifetz
Registration Associate
Gabrielle McKeney
Administrative Analyst Specialist
Diana Ulloa
Administrative Analyst Specialist

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Non-Degree Programs

     Phone: 310.243.2781 |  Fax: 310.516.3753

Special Sessions (Winter, Spring, Summer and Open University)
Elena Christova
Director, Special Sessions
Shirley Jones
Specials Sessions Coordinator
Extension Programs
Elisabeth Legge
Director, Extension Programs
Connie Pimentel
Extension Programs Associate
OSHA Training Institute Education Center
Raul Guzman
Director, OSHA Training Institute Education Center
Loyda Alvarado
Program Coordinator
Katty Rojas
Program Assistant
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
La Margo Washington
Coordinator, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
OLLI Program

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Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies (APS) Program
APS Admission
APS Academic
Master of Arts in the Humanities Online Program / HUX
Matthew Luckett
HUX Program Coordinator
Quality Assurance Programs
(MSQA, BSQA, Quality Certificates, Certification, & Workshops)

Gurpreet Singh
Director, MSQA Program
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program
Location: SBS
Dr. Betty Vu
Assistant Dean, CBAPP Graduate and Professional Programs
Nicole Girdwain
Admissions Advisor
Charles Thomas
Academic Advisor
Juliamin Kawibowo
IT Support
Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program
Location: SBS
Dr. Betty Vu
Assistant Dean, CBAPP Graduate and Professional Programs
Nicole Girdwain
Admissions Advisor
Dr. Kim Williams
Academic Advisor
Juliamin Kawibowo
IT Support

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International Programs

     Fax: 310.516.4701 |  Website:

Gary Rhodes
Associate Dean, International Programs & Senior International Officer
Ormond Rucker
Visa & Immigration International Coordinator
Study Abroad Program
Racheal Wangui
International Education Center/
Study Abroad Program
International Outreach Services
Emiko Kawashima
International Outreach Specialist
Sheridan Davis
International Outreach Coordinator
International Student Services
Darlene Peceimer
International Student Services Specialist
American Language & Culture Program
Location: SAC
Fawn Supernaw
Academic Coordinator
Tajauta Ortega
Program Coordinator
International Training Programs
Michael Casner
Director, International Training Programs
Passport Hub Center (Passport & Notary Services)
Location: SCC

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     Phone: 310.243.3069
     Fax: 310.516.3428

Keith Otterberg
Anissa Barton-Thompson
Social Media Specialist,
Web Developer

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Dean's Office


     Phone: 310.243.3737
     Fax: 310.516.4423

J. Kim McNutt
Lynda Wilson
Associate Dean 
Teresa Stevens
Facilities Coordinator
Ed Cleek
Budget Director
Mari Cortez

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