Student Uniforms

Uniform Overview

CSUDH EMT Training Program has a custom uniform that students will wear to all class sessions and ride-alongs.

Students will purchase the uniform shirt, pants, and belt through L.A. Uniforms and Tailoring, who is providing the items at reduced price to CSUDH EMT Students. Instructions for purchase will be provided during the first class meeting.

Uniforms must be worn to each class meeting and ride-along.

Uniform Description

For $70 + tax, students will purchase the following items ($125 value)

  • Sport-Tek Shirt, includes name embroidery, and program sleeve patches
  • Tactical Squad Pants, includes alteration
  • Black Belt

Black Work Boots (approx. $25 plus tax)

  • In addition to the clothing articles from L.A. Uniform, students will need to purchase black work boots
  • Options are available from retailers such as Walmart, Big-5, and others for $20-$30
  • Boots must be worn to each class meeting and ride along

Wrist Watch

  • Students must bring a wrist watch to each class meeting and ride along
  • Must display seconds

Safety Helmet, Safety Vest

  • Safety helmet and safety vest will be issued to the student by CSUDH Extension Programs for use on ride alongs
  • These items will be returned to CSUDH at the end of the course
  • Helmet and vest should be brought to each ride along

Appearance Standards

(*based on Ride-Along Provider Requirements)

    • Shirt -- clean and pressed, tucked into pants at all times
    • Belt -- solid black leather with a buckle. No words or phrases on the belt or buckle authorized.
    • Pants -- clean and pressed. Worn over the boot.
    • Boots -- utility style, solid black, leather and polished
    • Watch -- must display seconds
  • Hair:
  • Must be clean and neatly groomed. Styles presenting a “flyaway” or uncontrolled appearance will not be accepted. 
  • Short hair must be neatly trimmed and not extend below the lower margin of the uniform shirt collar in the back or mid-ear on the sides. Long hair must be pulled up so as not to extend below the lower edge of the uniform shirt collar in the back or midear on the sides.
  • Hair must be of a natural color and professional in appearance.
  • Any device used to hold hair up shall be gold/silver colored, black, or in a color similar to hair color.
  • Hairstyles that dangle over the employee’s face or create a safety hazard will not be permitted.
  • All employees’ hair must be worn in such a way that it does not interfere with personal protective equipment or other equipment used in the delivery of emergency care.
  • Facial hair:
  • In compliance with OSHA standards for respiratory protection. Beards are not permitted. 
  • Mustaches shall be neatly groomed and not extend beyond the plane of the lower lip and shall not interfere (or possibly interfere) with the mask to face seal.
  • Sideburns shall not extend below the ear lobe and shall not interfere with the mask to face seal.
  • Face must be clean shaven at the start of any class session and ride along.
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Fingernails will be clean, short, and wellmanicured.
  • Sunglasses in fluorescent or “dayglow” colors or with mirror lenses will not be worn on duty.
  • Jewelry that poses the hazard of being caught in machinery or equipment shall not be worn.
  • Body piercing that is visible while in uniform is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to dangling earrings, ear clips, and tongue studs. One pair of single stud earrings is permissible.  
  • No more than two rings will be worn while in uniform (a traditional wedding set, when worn together, will be defined as one ring).
  • Tattoos of an offensive or explicit nature are not allowed to be visible when in uniform.  If necessary, employees will be required to wear long sleeves to cover offensive tattoos while in uniform.   Tattoos of the head, neck or face are not permitted.