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HEX 986 | School Drug & Violence Health Education (10 CEUs)

Drug and Violence in Schools This course prepares K-12 professionals who will implement school substance abuse, injury, and violence health education as per Section 4108 of SSAE including: bullying and harassment prevention; suicide prevention; human trafficking; sexual harassment, abuse, and violence education; and dating violence prevention education. Standards-aligned and research-based lesson plans, advocacy tools, and parent education materials will be developed.


This is an upper level course and a degree or experience in general education, school administration, school health education, school nursing, school counseling, or public health education is strongly recommended.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Synthesize data to identify the prevalence of substance abuse, violence and intentional injury among K-12 school populations.
  2. Analyze the factors associated with: substance abuse including the misuse and abuse of drugs; violence and intentional injuries; sexual abuse, harassment, and violence; suicide; and bullying among K-12 populations.
  3. Analyze the impact of evidence-based approaches to risk reduction/ health promotion including modeling, building resiliency, teaching empathy, and healthy living skills specifically interpersonal communication, referral, and realistic goal setting skills.
  4. Develop K-12 school health education violence, harassment, injury, and substance abuse lesson plans and fact sheets.
  5. Develop capacity building tools for school leaders to establish or refine policies or practices that reflect healthy, safe, and supportive elementary, middle, or high school learning environments.
  6. Develop K-12 parent education substance abuse and violence awareness and referral materials.

Required Texts

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