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HEX 984 | Comprehensive School Wellness (10 CEUs)

Comprehensive School Wellness This course supports K-12 administrators implementing SSAE, Section 4108. A Comprehensive Needs Assessment with a Healthy School Improvement Plan focus will be developed using logic models, health, and academic outcomes research. Evidence-based activities and resources to support Social Emotional Learning under SSAE, Section 4107 and Safe and Healthy Students under SSAE Section 4108 will be explored. Capacity building will also include exploring cross-cutting activities for staff development, stakeholder input, and parent education as allowed by SSAE.


This is an upper level course and a degree or experience in general education, school administration, school health education, school nursing, school counseling, or public health education is strongly recommended.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop or select a comprehensive needs assessment to identify needed resources or programs in support of safe and healthy K-12 school environments
  2. Identify evidence-based approaches for engaging stakeholder groups, including parents, in collaborative efforts in the planning, promotion, and development of standards-based K-12 health education / risk reduction activities, curricula, and programs
  3. Develop or select evidence-based high quality health education training materials that support whole child, whole school, and whole community approaches to K-12 health education / risk as per ESSA Title IV
  4. Create a logic model to guide the data-driven evaluation of the selected K-12 health education research-based program or strategies
  5. Identify distributive leadership protocols, that build capacity for healthy school improvement plans, comprehensive school wellness, caring school climates, and safe and healthy K-12 schools
  6. Create or revise a healthy school improvement plan with corresponding advocacy and training materials that align K-12 health education, comprehensive school wellness, and whole school approaches to K-12 academic outcomes

Required Texts

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