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Maximize your test-taking potential on the GRE. Classes provide you with over 20-hours of instruction including important in-class practice, take-home online computer practice testing and a free-repeat policy. Leading experts in the field of test preparation help you to review concepts and skills in the three subject areas on the GRE.

The GRE® General Test General Test is a standardized exam that is administered as part of the graduate school admissions process. Colleges and universities use GRE scores to evaluate a student’s readiness for graduate-level course work. The GRE® General Test assesses critical thinking and reasoning skills that help to determine the probability for successful academic performance. Other factors, such as undergraduate grades, interviews, and letters of recommendation also contribute to the admissions application portfolio.


  1. Cliffs Notes GRE General Test (4 full-length practice tests) – ISBN: 978-1118057605
  2. The Official Guide to the GRE General Test – ISBN: 978-1259862410
  3. Official GRE® revised General Test website: or (609) 771-7670
    (information and computer practice tests)

Test Format

Verbal Reasoning
60 multiple-choice questions
(two 30-minute sections — 20 questions each)
Score range: 130 - 170
Quantitative Reasoning
60 multiple-choice questions
(two 35-minute sections — 20 questions each)
Score range: 130 - 170
Analytical Writing Assessment
2 essays — analysis of an issue and analysis of an argument (30 minutes each essay)Score 0-6 averaged by two readers for each essay. The two final scores on each essay are totaled and averaged, then rounded up to the nearest half-point to report one score 0-6.

Section-Level Adaptive Testing

Multiple-choice questions are presented randomly for the verbal and quantitative sections. The first twenty questions of each section will determine the level of difficulty for the second section of twenty questions. The computer will adjust questions so that all questions contribute equally to the final score. Your final score is based upon the number of questions you answer correctly. Keep in mind that if you are faced with a question that requires multiple answers such as “select one or more answers,” you must select all of the correct answers to receive full credit a correct response.

The multiple-choice sections (verbal and quantitative) each compute a raw score based on the number of questions answered correctly. The raw score is equated and converted into a scaled score from 130-170 for each measure, with 1-point increments. The mean score is 150 on each measure. There is no penalty for guessing.

The computerized test allows you to go forward and backward from question to question within a section. Students now have the ability to skip and return to questions within a section to change previous answers. Students can also mark a question with a check mark as a reminder to answer the question later. A simple four-function on-screen calculator is available for the quantitative section to help with computations.

GRE Test Review Course Schedule

Major: Test Preparation  | Program: GRE Test Review | * C = Class Canceled *

Start DateEnd DateCRNDept | SecCourse TitleMtgsDaysHoursBldg/RmFeeInstructor

Spring 2019

03/03/201903/24/201923403NXGR 101GRE Review4Su09:00 - 15:00EE 1205$490J Gilmore

Summer 2019

06/09/201906/30/201931292NXGR 101GRE Review4Su09:00 - 15:00EE 1206$490J Gilmore

Fall 2019

  Course Held at Beach Cities Health District
09/29/201910/20/201943830NXGR 101GRE Review4Su09:00 - 15:00BCHC L8$490J Gilmore

* Schedule subject to change; consult with instructor for specific date details | Updated 05/21/19

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