User Experience Design


About The User Experience Design Program

This course will teach the tools and techniques to design intuitive, functional and enjoyable software products for the ultimate user experience. With an equal focus on theory and practical applications, students will progress through creating a final project of their choosing and receive feedback along the way. The project is designed to serve as part of their portfolio, and will be worked through incrementally throughout the course.

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What You Will Learn

The final outcome for this course will enable the student to produce an industry standard professional user experience case study including personas, information architecture, user flows, annotated wireframes and a clickable prototype.

Learning Outcomes:

A successful graduate of this course will be able to:

  • Identify problem spaces and how to create solutions
  • Articulate and support design decisions
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the foundations and outcomes of UX design
  • Participate in effective design critique
  • Explain how UX designers work with others on a product development team (e.g., product managers, developers, visual designers, etc.)
  • Describe skills and abilities that hiring managers look for in UX candidates
  • Produce UX documentation as listed above in course goals and objectives.

Who Should Attend

Students who desire to learn the basic computer science information that will help prepare them to develop websites, software or go on to become a professional full stack developer.

Course Prerequisites

Minimum student age is 18 years of age or older. Students are expected to have basic computer operational experience such as handling files, copying, pasting, posting, operating a web browser and a basic understanding of how files are organized on a computer.


Due to the current health crisis, the Web Development & User Experience Design programs, which are usually conducted in a classroom setting, will now be conducted online. Live virtual class sessions will be conducted at the day/time indicated in the program schedule. Attendance at all class sessions is required.

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* Schedule subject to change; consult with instructor for specific date details | Updated 10/28/2020

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Instructor Profiles

Web Development

Darlene Graterol | Lead Web Development Instructor

Darlene Graterol has more than five years of professional teaching experience in computer science and English as a second language working with adults and young students. She double-majored in history, philosophy, politics, and law from Binghamton University. Darlene found her passion in computer science after taking an online Java course. It wasn’t long before she completed her full-stack training in software engineering from Le Wagon in Milan, Italy. When Darlene is not teaching, she is either working as a freelance web developer, reading a novel or dancing salsa.

Jason Rubalcaba | Lead Web Development Instructor

From the time Jason took his first computer science class in C++, he fell in love with the idea that someone can create an elegant algorithm to solve an intricate problem. From there he decided to switch his major from electrical engineering to computational mathematics. For his senior thesis paper, he wrote a MatLab program that mapped real and imaginary solutions using Newton’s Method on the complex plane. Upon graduation, Jason joined KPMG as a data analyst for the globally renown accounting firm. After supporting Fortune 500 companies with data and coding algorithms, he’s excited to share his passion for programming to new students.

User Experience

Tikku Sircar | Lead User Experience Instructor

Tikku is a user experience researcher and designer with an all-consuming passion for efficiency. He applies his research-based solutions and best practices to civic work and affecting social change with his designs. His background in audio production has led him to work with various music tech companies as well. When he’s not designing to save the world (one wireframe at a time), he can be found either at a live music event or cooking/making cocktails in his kitchen. You’ll never find him without his Nintendo Switch on hand, so your Mario Kart skills better be sharp!