Web Development & UX Design Programs

Web Development Programs

Improve your skills, with Web Development courses provided through a partnership between CSUDH and BeachCoders.

Web Development

This course is a detailed introduction to the world of front-end web development, programming, and computational thinking. The final course outcome is to design and build a website(s) of your choice using HTML/CSS and JavaScript, along with more advanced frameworks such as Bootstrap, Materialize and jQuery.

Advanced Web Development

This course will increase students’ skills in web development beyond basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript and enable students to gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript frameworks including React, Node and MongoDB data structures to become a ‘Full Stack’ front end web developer.

User Experience Design

This course will teach the tools and techniques to design intuitive, functional and enjoyable software products for the ultimate user experience. With an equal focus on theory and practical applications, students will progress through creating a final project of their choosing and receive feedback along the way. The project is designed to serve as part of their portfolio, and will be worked through incrementally throughout the course.