Pre Medical Professional Programs

pre med

  •     Pre-medicine
  •     Pre-dentistry
  •     Pre-osteopathy
  •     Pre-veterinary medicine
  •     Pre-pharmacy
  •     Pre-podiatry

Medical and dental schools require for admission, one-year lecture and laboratory courses in general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and general biology. Additional course work in mathematics including calculus, biochemistry, and upper division biology may be recommended or required. Students may meet the pre-medical professional requirements by one of three plans:

  • Completing a major in chemistry or biochemistry with a minor in biology
  • Completing a major in biology with a minor in chemistry
  • Completing a major in any field and concurrently taking the required pre-medical course work as electives.

All pre-medical students should obtain a broad liberal arts education by taking course work in the humanities, fine arts and social and behavioral sciences. Because entrance requirements vary, it is important that students meet with a pre-medical advisor and find out the specific requirements for each school to which they plan to apply.


Regardless of their major, pre-medical professional students should seek advise on pre-medical curriculum to plan a program which will meet the entrance requirements for their prospective field of study, For more information on such advising please contact the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences Dean's Office.

Core Pre-medical Requirements and recommended courses:

(Notice that all these courses are included in our B.Sc. Biochemistry degree)

    CHE-110 General Chemistry I (5)
    CHE-112 General Chemistry II (5)
    CHE-230 Quantitative Analysis (4)
    CHE-310 Organic Chemistry I (4)
    CHE-311 Organic Chemistry Lab I (1)
    CHE-312 Organic Chemistry II (3)
    CHE-313 Organic Chemistry Lab II (2)
    CHE-450 Biochemistry I (4)
    CHE-451 Biochemistry Laboratory I (1)
    BIO-120 Principles of Biology I (4)
    BIO-122 Principles of Biology II (4)
    BIO-314 Embryology (3)
    BIO-320 Cell Biology
    BIO-340 Genetics (3)
    ENG-110 Freshman Composition I (3)
    ENG-110 Freshman Composition II (3)
    MAT-151 Pre-calculus (3)
    MAT-171 Survey of Calculus (4)
    PHY-120 Elements of Physics I (4)
    PHY-122 Elements of Physics II (4)

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