Student Opportunities

These are some of the opportunities and resources available for students:


  • Participate in paid Summer Research Internships nationally and internationally. For a list of programs available visit: CADiSM Resorces
  • Come and explore theoretical research projects in nanotechnology, random motion in Molecular Motors, or the kinetics of chemical reactions. Learn how to use our high performance parallel computer. For more information visit: H. Leonardo Martinez, Professor
  • Participate in the Synthesis of novel Inorganic chemicals and learn how to handle air sensitive materials using Schlenk lines and glove boxes. For more information visit: Lihung Angel Pu, Assoc. Professor
  • Learn to sample materials at the nano-scale level. Learn to build novel sensors that use plasmon optical transmission properties to build extremely efficient and low cost IR sensors. For more information visit: Kenneth Rodriguez, Assist. Professor
  • Get involved in undergraduate research in biochemistry and help elucidate the mechanisms underlying the radiation resistance of some cancer cells. For more more information visit: Tilly Wang, Assoc. Professor

Online Homework and Teaching Materials

Science Society

  • Our Science Society organization is a Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society.  It sponsors scientific, educational, professional, and social activities.
    Sofia Pappatheodorou, Assoc. Professor

2021 CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement

  • The Trustees’ Award is the California State University’s highest recognition of student achievement, providing annual scholarships to one student on each CSU campus who demonstrates superior academic performance, personal accomplishments, community service, and financial need. Rojas is also the Trustees’ Award Edison International Scholar. Read Berenice Rojas Journey