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Department Chair: Dr. Phu Phan

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HUS Faculty Information

Admin Support: Pamela Curtis

Major Advisor: Cristina Prado

Fieldwork Coordinator: America Islas 

HUS Fieldwork Information

Advising Appointments

  •  Summer Zoom Drop-in Hours
    • Wednesdays, June 8, June 15, July 6, and July 13, 2022 from 9:30AM-11:30AM
    • Thursdays, June 23, 30, July 20, August 4, and 25, 2022 from 2 pm-4 pm


  • In-Person Appointments 
    • Schedule your appointment via the Toro Success Collaborative Icon. Make sure to include in the comments section if you will be coming on-campus, along with the reason for your appointment.
  • Virtual Appointments
    • Appointments will continue to have the option via Zoom. Schedule your appointment via the Toro Success Collaborative Icon. Make sure to include in the comments section if you will be doing it via Zoom, along with the reason for your appointment. 

Major Academic Advising- Self Service Appointments

Program Information

HUS Curriculum

HUS Program Course Checklist

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HUS Program Understandings 

Registration Information

  • I have an advising hold, what do I do? If you have not met with your major advisor within the last 6 month, you will need to set up an appointment to meet and discuss your academics. If you have met with them already, you may email them directly with your Full Name, CSUDH ID#, and date of appointment. Your advisor will remove the hold within 3-5 business day. 

  • I need a permission number for my HUS courses, how do I obtain them? Students enrolling into the fieldwork, seminar, and MHR courses (HUS 380/381, 390/391, 480/481, 484/485, 307, 311, 368) will require a permission number. Pamela Curtis (Human Services admin) sends out an email each semester with instructions on how to request those permission. Please make sure to follow her instructions accordingly.

    Fall 2022 Permission Numbers

    Other Departments (PSY, SOC, etc.)- you will need to reach out to the specific department for permission numbers. You may be able to find their information in the department’s website.

  • I need to add/drop after the deadline, what is the process? Click on Add/Drop Policies and Procedures to know what to do. 

  • I don't know which courses to register for. Where should I look to see what I am still missing? If you are unsure which courses to register for and have not created an ed-plan with your advisor, you may access your Academic Requirements Report on your MyCSUDH account Student Center under Other Academics. This will help you with knowing which courses are required for the major. If you have reviewed and still need support, you may set up an appointment with your advisor. 

  • What is Smart Planner? Smart planner is a tool to assist you in creating an ed-plan based on how many units per semester you are planning to take. A tutorial on Using Smart planner is provided to you. Smart planner should not be used to see if you have met all of your graduation requirements. 

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