Cristina Pradocristina-prado
Academic Advisor

Cristina has worked with the College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing for 10 years before joining our Advising Team in 2018. She began her work as a student assistant in the School of Nursing in 2008, continued as program coordinator, and in 2017 became the CHHSN College Scheduler. She has worked closely with the College Curriculum Committee and was part of the Academic Affairs Space Facilities Committee. She is a double Alum, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology ’11, and a Master of Arts in Sociology ’14. She is a first-generation college graduate following the footsteps of her older sister and proud to be 1 of 4 siblings (out of 6) working for the CSU system. Cristina has learned from her parents that in order to reach for your dream, you have to work hard. Outside CSUDH, Cristina enjoys spending time with her family.