Course Substitutions

Students may petition coursework taken at another 4-year University. All petitions MUST be approved by the department. 

In general, coursework should be upper division. Course work from a community college can not substitute an upper division 300+ course.

Before you submit a course substitution form for a course taken at another college or university, please verify that the course is listed on the transfer credit page in MyCSUDH. Once you log in to your Student Center click, on the tab titled "Transfer Credit".

Courses that do not appear on your transfer credit page and incomplete submissions will not be considered.

The following will be necessary to submit a CDV course substitution request:

  1. A completed Course Substitution Form [PDF] Use one form per course to be substituted
  2. Attach copies of the following documents from the school that the course was completed at. Use one form per course to be substituted
  • unofficial transcripts
  • catalog course description
  • course syllabus
  1. E-mail all completed documents to to be routed for review
  2. For efficient processing, please save each document by its name, your LAST NAME, and date submitted. For example, for the CDV Course Substitution Form, the file name would be: CDV Course Substitution Form, STUDENT NAME, 2023.02.31
  3. Please indicate in the Subject Line of your email: CDV Course Substitution, Last Name, Student ID#

 Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Please note that not all courses are eligible for substitution.

NOTE: Course substitution MAY result in insufficient units accrued for graduation. Students substituting graduate courses are subject to transfer credit and current policies. It is the student’s responsibility to check if the requested course substitution affects any other degree program, for example, whether the course may not double count for any degree program.