Directed Field Experience

Directed Field Experience

CDV 496 - Directed Field Experience

The Directed Field Experience course is designed to provide students the opportunity to integrate their knowledge of child development from different courses through fieldwork. Students will work directly with children and families, in approved fieldwork locations, and attend a weekly seminar. Students will interpret their field experiences and observations in the framework of contemporary child development theory and knowledge. Student will hone their written and presentation skills and develop professional portfolios.

Who should take this course? This course is especially useful to those who have limited experience working with children or who want to diversify their professional experiences with children. The seminar provides students with an opportunity to process and consolidate their fieldwork experiences under the guidance of a fieldwork instructor. Students will reflect on their personal and professional goals and values to gain an understanding of their professional role.

* Prior job experience will not be accepted as a substitute for this course requirement.

* This course fulfills the 3-unit supervised field experience requirement for the Child Development Permit.

Prerequisites: TB Clearance; Valid Certificate of Clearance or Child Development Permit; current resume; meet capstone eligibility requirements

Directed Field Experience Requirements

Students are required to complete 4 units of directed field experience: 3 units of directed field experience and 1 unit of seminar. Students taking CDV 496 - Directed Field Experience will be expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Students must complete ALL field site requirements BEFORE being placed (TB test and Live Scan are mandatory). Each agency may have additional requirements including immunization record; interview; orientation; driver’s license; and/or insurance information.
  2. The Fieldwork Coordinator will place students in a CSUDH approved field experience site. Placement determinations are based on field site prerequisites, the availability of field sites, and responses to the field site preference survey (to be sent by the fieldwork coordinator). The Fieldwork Coordinator will contact you 4-8 weeks prior to the start of the semester with information regarding your fieldwork placement.
  3. Students may NOT negotiate placements with agencies on their own because fieldwork placements are governed by university policy and require contractual agreements between CSUDH and fieldwork sites.
  4. Students will complete approximately 6 hours per week of volunteer work at their assigned fieldwork placement/90 hours over the semester. Please note that most agencies that work with children and families operate Monday through Friday 8am-6pm. Some weekend and evening hours may be available but are not guaranteed. Students must adjust their schedules to accommodate their field placement's operating hours.
  5. Students will actively participate in seminar meetings, complete all assigned readings prior to class, and submit journals and assigned projects

*Please review the Fieldwork Clearance Requirements webpage for additional information and to submit the required clearances

Applying for Directed Field Experience

Students must complete and submit the following documentation by due dates displayed on the Capstone webpage:

  • Capstone Enrollment Form & Fieldwork Enrollment Form
  • Required documentation, submitted on the Fieldwork Clearance webpage:
    • Current Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance (TB test results should be no more than one year old from the end of your fieldwork)
    • Certificate of Clearance or Child Development Permit (must be no more than 5 years old from the end of your fieldwork)
    • Current Resume indicating professional experience (student must also submit a copy to placement site)

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