Seminar in CD Research

CDV 492 - Seminar in Child Development Research

The Seminar in Child Development Research course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to integrate their knowledge of child development from different courses through their engagement in a research project. Students will review the theoretical and empirical grounding for a research project, develop research skills, and gain insights into how we build knowledge in the field of child development. Students will learn research techniques and how to write a research report and present their findings to different audiences.

Who should take this course? This course is designed to be relevant for all child development majors. It would be especially useful to those who are planning to acquire a graduate degree and/or want to learn more about conducting research and developing research and communication skills.

Prerequisites: 2.75 GPA; grade of "B" or better in CDV 320 (or CDV 420); instructor consent; and meet capstone eligibility requirements

*This course is only offered if there are a minimum of 12 eligible students who are interested in taking this course. The cohort will be coordinated by an instructor, and forms will be provided at that time.