Counseling & Family Services

Concentration in Counseling and Family Services

These courses are designed for students who may work in a variety of career settings serving families and children and/or counseling. Students interested in careers in family and child services, social work, counseling, child life, or parent education would benefit from taking courses in this area. Students will gain knowledge and skills pertaining to working with families, cultural diversity in child and family services, and common problems in families and communities. Students will further gain knowledge and skills to prepare them for entry into graduate programs such as marriage and family therapy, social work, counseling, and clinical psychology. Students should:

  1. Examine the admission requirements for the graduate programs they plan to apply for and
  2. Select elective courses accordingly.

Select four courses from the following (12 units):

  • PSY 367 – Effective Communication Skills
    SOC 341 – Seminar in Small Groups (3)
  • SOC 320 – The Family (3)
  • SOC 363 – Sociology of Alcohol and Other Drug Use (3)
  • SOC 386 – Sociology of the Helping Professions
  • PSY 314 – Behavior Modification (3: prerequisite PSY 101 or equivalent) 
  • PSY 360 – Theories of Personality (3)
  • PSY 353 – The Experience of Death and Dying: Psychological Perspectives (3)
  • PSY 363 – The Abnormal Personality (3)
  • PSY 464 – Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3: prerequisite PSY 363)