Early Development & Learning

Concentration in Early Development and Learning

These courses are designed to prepare students with knowledge and skills in curriculum development, observation, and assessment methods in early childhood settings. Students may select courses that will enhance their knowledge of children’s language and math learning. Students who intend to work as preschool teachers, childcare providers, or want to develop curriculum for childcare centers would benefit from selecting the courses in this concentration. Students will learn how to plan and implement age-appropriate learning experiences as well as assess children’s abilities. Students will select four courses from the following (12-14 units):

Core Courses (8 units) - Required for the Child Development Permit:

  • CDV 180 - Introduction to Observation and Assessment (4; Prerequisite CDV 150)*
  • CDV 240 - Early Childhood Development and Curriculum (4; Prerequisite CDV 150)*

Required Courses (6 units):

  • CDV 342 - Advanced Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood (3; Prerequisites CDV 180 & CDV 240)
  • CDV 344 - Supervision in Early Childhood Settings (3; Prerequisites CDV 180, CDV 240, & CDV 325)**
  • LBS 310 – Early Language and Learning (3)
  • LBS 330 – Bridging Cultures through Literacy and Learning (3)
  • LBS 340 – Learning Early Mathematical Concepts and Reasoning (3)

* It is strongly recommended that students complete both CDV 180 and CDV 240  to prepare themselves for their career as a preschool teacher and to meet the course requirements for the Child Development permit. 

** CDV 344 will meet the 2-unit adult supervision requirement for the Master Teacher CD permit.