General Elective Option

Students who have a professional goal that is not listed in the established concentrations may select a unique set of courses from the list of Approved CSUDH Electives [PDF] that they feel will advance their professional goals. If a student is interested in a graduate program, they should check the current admission requirements for the specific universities they plan to apply to as admission requirements vary by university and are subject to change.

Petitioning Coursework for the General Elective Concentration 

If there is coursework that is related to students' career goals but is not on the approved list of electives, students may petition to have the coursework applied to their General Elective Concentration. Students may also petition coursework taken at another 4-year University. All petitions MUST be approved by the student's faculty advisor. 

In general, concentration elective coursework should be upper division. Rare exceptions will be made to apply lower division coursework to the General Elective Concentration. These exceptions are limited to coursework that is required for entry into a graduate program and an upper division version of the course is not offered at CSUDH (e.g., the separate anatomy and physiology courses needed for Occupational Therapy Programs).

To petition coursework for the General Elective Concentration, submit the following materials to the Child Development Program Office:

  1. A completed Course Substitution Form [PDF],
  2. A statement regarding how the course enhances your career goals,
  3. A copy of the course description from the college’s catalog, and
  4. A copy of the course syllabus so the substance of the course can be evaluated.

Before you submit a course substitution form for a course taken at another college or university, please verify that the course is listed on the transfer credit page in MyCSUDH. Courses that do not appear on your transfer credit page and incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Your faculty advisor may request a meeting before approving coursework. Please note that not all courses are eligible for substitution.

Once a course has been approved by the student's faculty advisor, the faculty advisor will submit the course substitution request to the Department Chair for final approval. 

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