Kathleen CarrierA Louisiana native, Kathleen Carrier finds Child Development a fulfilling and enriching major.  She started working on her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development after attending school at El Camino College and Los Angeles Harbor College.  Kathleen plans to continue her education and acquire a doctoral degree, and eventually start a day care center for infants and preschoolers.  She believes that majoring in Child Development will help her make a difference in children’s lives.

Veronica Ramos“Majoring in Child Development gives you the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of how children grow and the various stages they go through”, say Veronica Ramos.  “It is the major for dedicated and nurturing people who want to help children become productive, respectful and responsible citizens”.  Veronica plans to become a preschool teacher and later a program director.  Before coming to CSDH, Veronica was a Child Development major at El Camino College.

Nikita NickolsNikita Nickols works in the Long Beach School District with preschoolers with special needs.  After taking Child Development courses at Cerritos College, she transferred to Cal State Dominguez Hills to get a Bachelor’s degree. She loves working with children and her goal is to work as a preschool teacher and eventually open her own day care center.

Elizabeth PulidoElizabeth Pulido is dedicated to improving the lives of children by empowering them through support and guidance, and being a good role model.  Her main interest is parent education but she is also interested in developmental assessment for the purposes of identifying the services that children need.  Elizabeth comes to CSUDH from El Camino college.