Council of Advisors

CISE Council of Advisors


We seek enthusiastic members who are in leadership positions in their respective professions and communities and wish to share their experience, expertise, and connections to benefit CISE. The CISE Council of Advisors shall be comprised of individuals representing the following areas:

External members (10-15 individuals):

  • Community College representatives
  • Local K-12 School District representatives
  • Government/Policy Officials
  • Corporate and Foundation representatives
  • Individual community members

Internal members (5 individuals):

  • CISE Director
  • CISE Associate Director
  • Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • College Dean
  • Representative from the University Advancement Division

CISE Directors

Kamal Hamdan

Dr. Kamal Hamdan
Director & Annenberg Endowed Chair

Matt Jones

Dr. Matt Jones
Associate Director

Council of Advisors

Justo Avila

Justo Avila
Chief Human Resources Officer
Los Angeles Unified School District

Darin Brawley

Darin Brawley
Compton Unified School District

Christopher Downing

Christopher Downing
LAUSD - Local District South

Frances Marie Gipson

Frances Marie Gipson
LAUSD - Local District East

George Mannon

George Mannon
Torrance Unified School District

Otto W. K. Lee

Dr. Otto W. K. Lee
Los Angeles Harbor College

Praveen Penmetsa

Praveen Penmetsa
Chief Executive Officer
Motivo Engineering

Praveen Penmetsa

Lee Ann Kline
STEM Advantage

Council of Advisors Responsibilities and Activities

The Council of Advisors will play a key role in helping the Center for Innovation in STEM Education to fulfill its Goals and Objectives.

The relationship between the Council and CISE will be a true partnership.

CISE will benefit from the leadership and advice of the Council and the Council will benefit by having access to the faculty, and from the satisfaction of being an integral part of CISE as it grows in prominence and stature.

The Council’s activities will not only help CISE, but will also be central for advancing CSUDH’s broader mission of being recognized as a top-performing Comprehensive Model Urban University in America.

CISE seeks enthusiastic individuals who can contribute to the Council’s mission in the following ways:

  1. Advise CISE on how it can better position itself to become the premier regional center for STEM education and activities through partnerships and other opportunities.
  2. Develop more effective ways to inform and generate external support of CISE’s work and mission. Become familiar with the breadth of STEM projects at CSUDH in order to externally communicate CISE’s strengths and needs.
  3. Support CISE with professional resources.
  4. Serve as a liaison to the professional and business community for the purpose of helping students secure internships and other career development opportunities.
  5. Serve a term period of three years to CISE.
  6. Attend two Advisory meetings per year.
  7. Attend the annual CSUDH STEM Conference.
  8. Help to identify, engage, and recruit new prospective advisors for the Council.