Instructor (FA18)


Step 1: Go to the Term field and click on the drop down arrow icon to view the drop-down menu. Select the term in which you would like to search for classes. This field is required to begin any class search.

Step 2: Go to the Session field and click on the drop down arrow icon to view the drop-down menu and select the session in which you would like to search for classes.

Fall & Spring terms offer "Regular Session" & Ext. Education Session."
Note: There are classes in both sessions that may have the same subject code, catalog number, and section. Please make sure you are registering for the class in the appropriate "session".

Summer term offers:

  • Regular Session (classes offered during Session 1 and 2 of summer term)
  • Summer Session 1 (classes offered for the first 6 weeks of summer term)
  • Summer Session 2 (classes offered the second 6 weeks of summer term)
  • All Sessions (classes offered for all three sessions of summer term)

Step 3: Go to the "Show Me Open Classes Only" checkbox. This checkbox will default unchecked.

  • If you want all classes offered with your criteria to display, including closed classes with waitlists and cancelled classes, leave this box unchecked.Note: cancelled classes are included in the results and will have a note below the title indicating the class has been cancelled.
  • If you want to show only open classes offered with your criteria,check this box.

Step 4: Go to "Click on the arrow to the left for Additional Criteria"

additional criteria
and click on the arrow additional criteria arrow icon to search for additional criteria. This will bring you to the page below:

additional criteria menu

Step 5: Go to the Instructor Last Name field and click on the icon to view the drop-down menu. Select the criteria for the instructor last name in which you would like to search for classes:

instructors menu

Step 6: Go to the empty field next to the drop-down menu and enter the instructor's last name as it coincides with the search criteria you selected in step 5.

instructor field

Step 7: Click on the  search button button below to return classes offered with your search criteria.

To reset or clear additional search criteria only, click on the reset additional criteria button.

To reset or clear all search criteria you have entered to start a new search click on the reset all search criteria button button.

For more instructions on how to narrow your search, return to the tutorial homepage for additional instructions.

If you are having difficulty performing a class search using these instructions, please contact the office of Academic Affairs at (310) 243-3307 for assistance.