Chemistry (CHE)

Below is a list of courses in this subject and when each course is typically offered during the academic year by term.

CHE102Fall, Spring
CHE103Fall, Spring
CHE108Fall, Spring
CHE110Fall, Spring
CHE112Fall, Spring
CHE230Fall, Spring
CHE300Summer term only
CHE301Summer term only
CHE302Summer term only
CHE303Summer term only
CHE310Fall term only
CHE311Fall term only
CHE312Spring term only
CHE313Spring term only
CHE316Spring term only
CHE317Spring term only
CHE320Fall term only
CHE322Spring term only
CHE393Fall, Spring
CHE420Spring term only
CHE431Fall term only
CHE433Spring term only
CHE440Spring term only
CHE450Fall term only
CHE451Fall term only
CHE452Spring term only
CHE453Spring term only
CHE456Spring term only
CHE458Infrequently offered
CHE460Spring term only
CHE474Infrequently offered
CHE495Fall, Spring
CHE497Fall, Spring


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.