Key to Symbols, Abbreviations & Definitions (FA20)

Key to Symbols, Abbreviations & Definitions (FA20)

Class Meeting Location Abbreviations
EACEast Academic Complex
LIBLeo F. Cain Library
FHField House
LCHLaCorte Hall
LSULoker University Student Union
NSMNatural Sciences and Mathematics
RPMROTC & Parking Services Modular
SACSouth Academic Complex, Buildings 2, 3
SBSSocial and Behavioral Sciences
SCINew Center for Science & Innovation
SHStudent Housing
SHCStudent Health Center
COECollege of Education
TBATo Be Announced
UTUniversity Theatre
VILClassroom Village
WHWelch Hall


Day Abbreviations
TBATo Be Announced

Footnote Definitions

If a class has a footnote(s) placed on it, they are found on the section details as Course Attributes on MyCSUDH. Click to view footnote definitions.

Internet Class

An internet class is a class that is offered online. They can be identified by their section number, which begins with a 4 and by their location, which is Internet.

Hybrid Class

A Hybrid class integrates online with traditional face to face activities in a planned, pedagogically viable manner. A minimum of one third and a maximum of two thirds of the class is taught online. There are three types of hybrid class combinations: face to face with online, face-to-face with off-campus, and face-to-face with televised. Hybrid classes can be identified by their section number, which begins with a 3 and by the footnote 28.

Alternative Instruction Class

An Alternative Instruction class is taught during social distancing mandate such as in response to a pandemic.  It may include general alternative teaching methods that comply with public health guidelines while achieving course learning outcomes, such as face-to-face instruction consistent with CDC guidelines, distance synchronous or asynchronous instruction, or a combination of these. Alternative Instruction classes can be identified by the footnote 29 and a meeting location of Alternative Instruction.


Consult the course description in the current University Catalog for course prerequisite(s). If a class requires a prerequisite it will also be noted on the section details as a Course Attribute on MyCSUDH.

Co-requisites or Co-req

Co-requisite courses require enrollment in both the lecture section and associated activity, lab, production, clinical, or supervision component/production of the course or, in some cases, enrollment in another course. The system prompts you enrollment in the co-req class when one is required. If a specific co-req is listed in the section details as Class Notes on MyCSUDH, the student must enroll in that specific co-req section. Refer to the course description in the current University Catalog for co-requisite(s).