crime prevention programs

The Department has established programs that raise the level of safety awareness of the campus community. These programs include:

  • Student Orientation Program
  • Resident Advisors Training Program
  • Student Escort Service
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Personal Safety Awareness
  • DUI and Drug Abuse
  • Theft Prevention
  • Building, Area and Parking Lot Lighting Surveys
  • 9-1-1 Capability from all University phones
  • Emergency Telephones at various campus locations
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee
  • Electronic Alarm Systems

The Student Escort Service provides escort service during the hours of 6:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. for students, faculty and staff who walk alone to their cars.

To request an evening escort

  • From pay phones & student housing phones (310) 243-3639
  • From campus phones 3639

Most campus buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the campus community, guests and visitors Monday through Saturday until 10 p.m. and as certain special events dictate.

Motor vehicle lots, pedestrian walkways and building exteriors are well lit.

Facilities Services (electrician) monitors/repairs all exterior lighting on a weekly basis.

Shrubbery, trees and other vegetation on campus are trimmed and maintained on a regular basis with special attention given to walkways. Physical Plant conducts a facility audit of the entire campus on an annual basis.