emergency information

Emergency Telephone Numbers


  • 24-Hour Emergency
    911 from any campus phone, or (310) 243-3333 from a cell phone on campus (911 cell phone calls are typically routed to the CHP depending on the service provider).
  • 24-Hour Non-Emergency
    (310) 243-3639 or campus phones 3639

To obtain information on the status of classes and university operations in the event of an emergency call: (866) 747-8827

To Report An Emergency

  • Give your name, telephone number and location.
  • Give clear and accurate information.
  • Be prepared to supply suspect and vehicle description, and direction of travel.
  • DON’T HANG UP! Follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

Emergency Telephone Boxes

  • Look for call boxes mounted on poles or red towers with blue lights located in parking lots and on campus. Press button; automatic connection to campus police. Emergency phones are also available in campus elevators.

Emergency Broadcast Information

  • To access a recorded message regarding campus status in the event of an emergency, please contact the Emergency Hotline at toll-free number (866) 747-8827.


  • Be sure your emergency contact information is correct on your MyCSUDH profile.  This is the contact information that the campus will use to contact you during a campus emergency.