Online & Distance Learning (ODL) (FA23)

Online & Distance Learning

Formerly known as Dominguez Online, the Online & Distance Learning (ODL) unit is a leading-edge provider of online and televised educational opportunities.  ODL, which supports the largest distance learning program in California, offers nine academic degrees and seven academic certificates, as well as hundreds of other courses without students ever having to come on campus.  ODL, through its award-winning broadcast television station DHTV, provides more than 20 hours of live, interactive programming each week on cable television throughout Southern California and the internet worldwide.  For more information, visit ODL.

DHTV Classes

DHTV classes are taught in a specially designed TV studio and broadcast live over cable television systems, including Channel 6 in the South Bay, Channel 35 in Carson, and Channel 36 in the city of Los Angeles. Viewers can send an email to or contact DHTV at (800) 339-1193 and speak with the instructors during the broadcasts.


CSU, Dominguez Hills Distance Learning streams entire college courses live at DHTV.

Archived Classes

All of the courses broadcast on DHTV and streamed on Youtube are archived for later viewing over the internet. Students can access archived classes on csuDHTV.  

Special Events

In addition to the DHTV classes, many university events such as plays, music concerts and dance performances are streamed on the internet at DHTV.

Online Classes and the Blackboard Learning Management System

Online classes are taught entirely over the Internet.  Students are able to access all of their course information, communicate with the instructor and other students, complete their assignments, and monitor their grades on Blackboard courses websites.  All students are assigned a username and given a password when they enroll. Students can log on their Blackboard portal to access their classes.