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Key to Symbols, Abbreviations and Definitions


Class Meeting Location Abbreviations
EACEast Academic Complex
LIBLeo F. Cain Library
FHField House
LCHLaCorte Hall
LUSULoker University Student Union
NSMNatural Sciences and Mathematics
SACSouth Academic Complex, Buildings 1, 2, 3
SBSSocial and Behavioral Sciences
SCCSmall College Complex
SHStudent Housing
SHCStudent Health Center
COECollege of Education
TBATo Be Announced
UTUniversity Theatre
WHWelch Hall


Day Abbreviations
TBATo Be Announced

Footnote Definitions

If a class has a footnote(s) placed on it, they are found on the section details as Course Attributes on MyCSUDH. Click to view footnote definitions.

Internet Class

An internet class is a class that is offered online. They can be identified by their section number, which begins with a 4 and by their location, which is Internet.


Consult the course description in the current University Catalog for course prerequisite(s). If a class requires a prerequisite it will also be noted on the section details as a Course Attribute on MyCSUDH.

Co-requisites or Co-req

Co-requisite courses require enrollment in both the lecture section and associated activity, lab, production, clinical, or supervision component/production of the course or, in some cases, enrollment in another course. The system prompts you enrollment in the co-req class when one is required. If a specific co-req is listed in the section details as Class Notes on MyCSUDH, the student must enroll in that specific co-req section. Refer to the course description in the current University Catalog for co-requisite(s).

Hybrid Class

A Hybrid class integrates online with traditional face to face activities in a planned, pedagogically viable manner. A minimum of one third and a maximum of two thirds of the class is taught online. There are three types of hybrid class combinations: face to face with online, face-to-face with off-campus, and face-to-face with televised. Hybrid classes can be identified by their section number, which begins with a 3 and by the footnote 28.