Academic Skills & General Education (SP18)

Students should consult an advisor upon entry to the university and every semester thereafter. For information on G.E. and other University undergraduate degree requirements (GWAR, units, academic status), students need to contact the University Advisement Center (UAC) in WH A210 or phone (310) 243-3538. Students with declared majors and minors also need to consult the appropriate department(s).

Academic Skills Requirements for Undergraduate Students

EPT/ELM Requirements for Freshmen and Transfer Students (effective Fall 1998)

Executive Order 665 requires new, non-exempt, admitted freshmen and transfer students entering Fall 1998 and after to take the EPT/ELM examinations before registering for classes.

* Note that upper division transfer students who have articulated credits for GE English and GE Math do not have to take the EPT/ELM placement examinations.

English Placement Test (EPT) Course Placement
Exemptions: SAT Critical Reading 500, ACT English 22, AP English 3, or EAP Exempted
T = 120 - 140 - ENG 88 and then ENG 99
T = 141 - 146 - ENG 99
T = 147 & up -- ENG 110

ELM Scores for Mathematics
Exemptions: SAT Math 550, ACT Math 23, AP 3, or EAP Exempted
March 2002 & after
0 - 40 MAT 3
42 - 48 MAT 9
50 & up G.E. level Math courses

If test results indicate that developmental courses in Mathematics and/or English are needed, the student will be held to the Academic Skills Assessment Plan (ASAP).

They must:

  • Take the course(s) at CSU, Dominguez Hills or submit verification of current enrollment of an equivalent course at another accredited institution, and
  • Take the course(s) beginning the first semester of enrollment and each semester thereafter until all remediation courses are passed;
    *If all developmental courses are not passed within two semesters, students may not be able to register or continue attending classes at CSU, Dominguez Hills.

Completion of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR):

All students subject to degree requirements in the 1979-80 and subsequent catalogs must demonstrate competency in writing skills as a requirement for graduation.

Students should satisfy the GWAR by the time they complete 72 units. The GWAR can be met through one of the following options:

  1. The Graduate Writing Examinations (GWE), a voluntary test for which a fee is charged, is available several times per academic year. Students must earn a score of 8 or higher (on a 12 points scale) to pass the GWE. Students are allowed to take the GWE two times. Students who have not received an 8 or higher after taking the test twice must take a certifying course. Information, test dates, and registration procedures are available in the Toro Learning and Testing Center, LIB 5705 or phone 310-243-3909, or visit
  2. Undergraduates must earn a "C" grade or higher in Advanced Composition (3 units) ENG 350 and pass the Composition Cooperative exam administered at the end of the course. Note that a grade of “B” or higher is required for graduate degrees.
  3. Undergraduates must earn a "CR" grade in the two Writing Adjunct courses, IDS 397 and IDS 398 (two units each) and pass the Composition Cooperative exam administered at the end of IDS 398.

General Education Requirements for Undergraduate Students

General Education Program

Students must follow the appropriate General Education (G.E.) pattern.

Students who have maintained continuous attendance at any combination of CSU, UC, or California community college under an earlier catalog may elect to complete the G.E. pattern in effect at the time of:

  1. entrance into CSUDH;
  2. graduation or;
  3. entrance into a California community college or state university.

**Contact an advisor in the University Advisement Center for further information.

The General Education program is divided into the following areas and includes 55-65 total semester units:

Area A - Basic Skills (12-17 units)
**all courses in this area require a grade of "C" or higher
Area B - Natural Sciences & Quantitative Reasoning (10-12 units)
**math courses in this area require a grade of “C” or higher
Area C - Humanities (9 units)
Area D - Social Sciences (12 units)
Area E - Lifelong Learning and Self-Development (3 units)
Area F - Integrative Studies (9 units)
Area G - Cultural Pluralism (0–3 units)

** Students must take nine units of G.E. courses in residence at CSUDH

A. Basic Skills (12-17 units)

Area A courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better.

1. Composition (6-9)
ENG 110 or (ENG 108 and ENG 109)
ENG 111

2. Logic/Critical Reasoning (3)
PHI 120 or
PSY 110

3. Oral Communication (3)
THE 120

4. General Education Skills Courses -optional
CSC 101
LIB 150

B. Area of the Natural Sciences & Quantitative Reasoning (10-12 units)

Math must be passed with a “C” grade or higher. Select one course from each category:

1. Physical Sciences (3)
CHE 102
EAR 100
GEO 200
PHY 100

2. Life Science (3)
ANT 101
BIO 102

3. Science Laboratory (1)
BIO 103
CHE 103
EAR 101

Note: Students who are majoring or minoring in one of the Natural Sciences may substitute more advanced science courses to meet General Education science requirements. These students should see a faculty advisor.

4. Quantitative Reasoning (3 – 5)
A grade of “C” or higher is required.
MAT 105
MAT 131
MAT 132
MAT 151
MAT 153
MAT 171
MAT 191
MAT 193

C. Area of the Humanities (9 units)

Select one course from each category. In categories 2 and 3, select courses from different departments.

1. HUM 200 (3)

2. Arts Courses - select one course (3)
AFS 205
ART 100
ART 101
CHS 125
COM 130
DAN 130
MUS 101
MUS 110
THE 100
THE 160

3. Letters Courses - select one course (3)
AFS 200
AFS 231
APP 101
CHS 100
CHS 205
ENG 230
FRE 220
HUM 212
PHI 101
PHI 102
SPA 151
SPA 221

D. Area of the Social Sciences (12 units)

Select one course from each group. In categories 1 and 2, select courses from different departments.

1. Perspectives on Individuals, Groups and Society (3)
AFS 212
AFS 220
ANT 100
APP 212
CHS 212
ECO 210
ECO 211
LBS 205
LAW 240
PSY 101
SOC 101
SOC 102
WMS 250

2. Global and Historical Perspectives (3)
AFS 201
ANT 102
CHS 200
GEO 100
HIS 120
HIS 121
LBR 200
MGT 200
POL 100

3. Perspectives on U.S. History (3)
HIS 101

4. Perspectives on U.S. and California Government (3)
POL 101

Note: Students who satisfy category 3 and 4 requirements by non-credit exams will need to complete 9 units in Area D. Select three courses in categories 1 and 2 from 3 different departments.

E. Objectives for Lifelong Learning and Self-Development (3 units)

Select one course:
CIS 275
FIN 200
HEA 100
HSC 201
KIN 235
REC 100
UNV 101

F. Integrative Studies (9 units)

Students must complete 3 courses (9 units) in this area, with one course in each category (Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences). Courses in this category are to be taken after 60 semester units and all lower division General Education courses have been completed.

1. Integrative Studies in the Humanities (3)
APP 315
CHS 340
CHS 345
HUM 310
HUM 312
HUM 314
IDS 312
MUS 345

2. Integrative Studies in the Natural Sciences (3)
BIO 340
CSC 301
SMT 310
SMT 312
SMT 314
SMT 416

3. Integrative Studies in the Social Sciences (3)
ANT 334
ANT 371
APP 311
APP 327
CHS 323
CHS 330
CHS 335
GEO 318
HIS 354
IDS 318
SBS 318

4. Integrative Studies (3)

Students may select a course from this category to satisfy one or more of the upper division G.E. requirements, categories 1-3 above. Enroll in the section that is listed under the preferred requirement for a given semester. Only one requirement may be satisfied by each Integrative Studies F4 courses.

G. Cultural Pluralism (0 – 3 units)

Within their General Education selections or within other requirements, all students must take one of the following courses that addresses cultural pluralism.

ANT 312
ANT 334
ANT 336
ANT 337
ANT 338
ANT 339
ANT 340
ANT 342
ANT 371
ANT 389
APP 311
APP 327
CHS 300
CHS 323
CHS 330
CHS 335
GEO 318
HIS 305
HIS 354
IDS 318
MUS 401
PHI 383
SBS 318
SOC 322
SOC 331
SOC 383

NOTE:  ANT 334, ANT 371, APP 311, APP 327, CHS 323, CHS 330, CHS 335, IDS 318 or SBS 318, will satisfy both the Integrative Studies in Social Science and the Cultural Pluralism Requirement.  Students will receive only three units, but will have met both requirements.

Note**Statutory Requirement
Students must satisfy requirements in U.S. history and U.S. and California government by completing the following:

  • HISTORY 101 or articulated course at a California Community
    College or examination


  • POLITICAL SCIENCE 101 or articulated course at a California Community College or examination.

General Education Certification

Accredited community colleges and public four-year colleges may sanction (certify) that all or part of General Education requirements (post 1980), have been met. Transfer students with complete certification of California State University General Education breadth requirements or the CSU version of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) requirements are not required to complete additional lower division courses in general education. Transfer students should request General Education certification from their community colleges. An additional nine semester units of upper division General Education courses must be completed at CSU Dominguez Hills.

Double Counting General Education Courses

Lower division General Education courses may be used to fulfill lower division major/minor requirements. Under certain conditions and within specific majors, upper division General Education courses may be used to fulfill major/minor requirements. Even though students may double count certain General Education courses, they will not receive additional unit credit towards graduation. Please consult the University Catalog and/or an academic advisor for more information.