health science (hea)



HEA100Fall, Spring
HEA195Infrequently offered
HEA201Fall, Spring
HEA280Fall term only
HEA281Fall term only
HEA287Fall term only
HEA300Fall, Spring
HEA312Fall, Spring
HEA313Fall term only
HEA314Fall, Spring
HEA315Fall, Spring
HEA316Spring term only
HEA318Fall, Spring
HEA319Spring term only
HEA320Spring term only
HEA321Fall, Spring
HEA322Fall, Spring
HEA323Fall, Spring
HEA324Fall, Spring
HEA325Fall, Spring
HEA326Fall, Spring
HEA327LFall, Spring
HEA331Infrequently offered
HEA332Infrequently offered
HEA345Infrequently offered
HEA350Fall, Spring
HEA352Fall, Spring
HEA360LInfrequently offered
HEA362LInfrequently offered
HEA371Fall, Spring
HEA372Fall, Spring
HEA373Fall, Spring
HEA374Fall, Spring
HEA375Fall, Spring
HEA380Fall term only
HEA381Fall term only
HEA382Fall term only
HEA383Spring term only
HEA384Spring term only
HEA385Fall term only
HEA387Fall term only
HEA388Spring term only
HEA395Fall, Spring
HEA401Fall, Spring
HEA403Fall, Spring
HEA404Fall, Spring
HEA410LInfrequently offered
HEA411LInfrequently offered
HEA412LInfrequently offered
HEA413LInfrequently offered
HEA414LInfrequently offered
HEA420Fall, Spring
HEA421Fall, Spring
HEA422Fall, Spring
HEA423Fall, Spring
HEA424Fall, Spring
HEA431Infrequently offered
HEA432Infrequently offered
HEA433Infrequently offered
HEA434Infrequently offered
HEA435Offered as needed
HEA442Fall, Spring
HEA445Offered as needed
HEA455Offered as needed
HEA460Fall term only
HEA461Spring term only
HEA462Spring term only
HEA463Spring term only
HEA464Spring term only
HEA465Spring term only
HEA466Fall term only
HEA467Fall term only
HEA468Fall, Spring
HEA469Fall, Spring
HEA470Spring term only
HEA471Fall, Spring
HEA472Fall term only
HEA474Spring term only
HEA475Spring term only
HEA476Spring term only
HEA477Spring term only
HEA478Spring term only
HEA479Fall, Spring
HEA480Fall, Spring
HEA481Fall term only
HEA482Spring term only
HEA483Spring term only
HEA485Spring term only
HEA487Fall term only
HEA488Fall term only
HEA489Spring term only
HEA490Fall, Spring
HEA491Fall, Spring
HEA492Fall, Spring
HEA493SFall, Spring
HEA494Fall, Spring
HEA495Fall, Spring
HEA496Fall, Spring
HEA497Fall, Spring
HEA498Fall, Spring
HEA499Fall, Spring
HEA508Fall term only
HEA516Fall term only
HEA535Summer term only
HEA536Summer term only
HEA540Spring term only
HEA541Spring term only
HEA542Fall term only
HEA544Fall term only
HEA545Fall term only
HEA547Fall term only
HEA551Spring term only
HEA552Spring term only
HEA554Spring term only
HEA580Summer term only
HEA592Offered as needed
HEA593Offered as needed
HEA596Fall, Spring, Summer


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.