history (HIS)


HIS101Fall, Spring, Summer
HIS120Fall, Spring
HIS121Fall, Spring
HIS300Fall, Spring
HIS301Fall, Spring
HIS302Fall, Spring
HIS305Fall term only
HIS310Fall term only
HIS311Infrequently Offered
HIS312Spring term only
HIS313Fall term only
HIS314Fall term only
HIS315Spring term only
HIS318Fall term only
HIS319Spring term only
HIS320Fall term only
HIS330Fall term only
HIS331Spring term only
HIS332Spring term only
HIS333Fall term only
HIS334Fall term only
HIS335Fall term only
HIS336Spring term only
HIS340Infrequently Offered
HIS341Fall, Spring
HIS343Infrequently Offered
HIS344Infrequently Offered
HIS345Infrequently Offered
HIS346Infrequently Offered
HIS348Spring term only
HIS349Infrequently Offered
HIS352Infrequently Offered
HIS353Infrequently Offered
HIS354Spring term only
HIS355Fall, Spring
HIS360Infrequently Offered
HIS361Infrequently Offered
HIS362Infrequently Offered
HIS363Infrequently Offered
HIS364Infrequently Offered
HIS365Infrequently Offered
HIS366Fall term only
HIS367Spring term only
HIS368Fall term only
HIS369Spring term only
HIS370Spring term only
HIS373Infrequently Offered
HIS376Fall term only
HIS379Spring term only
HIS380Fall term only
HIS395Infrequently Offered
HIS400Fall, Spring
HIS490Fall, Spring
HIS494Fall, Spring
HIS498Offered as needed
HIS500Infrequently Offered
HIS502Infrequently Offered
HIS520Infrequently Offered
HIS540Infrequently Offered
HIS550Infrequently Offered


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.