kinesiology (KIN)


KIN100Offered as needed
KIN111Fall, Spring
KIN112Offered as needed
KIN113Fall, Spring
KIN114Fall, Spring
KIN116Fall term only
KIN118Fall, Spring
KIN125Offered as needed
KIN130Fall, Spring
KIN132Fall, Spring
KIN134Offered as needed
KIN140Offered as needed
KIN141Fall, Spring
KIN142Fall, Spring
KIN145Offered as needed
KIN148Offered as needed
KIN150Offered as needed
KIN152Spring term only
KIN154Offered as needed
KIN156Fall, Spring
KIN158Offered as needed
KIN162Fall, Spring
KIN164Offered as needed
KIN168Fall, Spring
KIN170Fall, Spring
KIN171Fall, Spring
KIN180Fall, Spring
KIN190Fall, Spring
KIN191Fall, Spring
KIN218Offered as needed
KIN223Fall, Spring
KIN233Fall, Spring
KIN235Fall, Spring
KIN250Offered as needed
KIN251Offered as needed
KIN252Offered as needed
KIN253Offered as needed
KIN254Offered as needed
KIN255Offered as needed
KIN256Offered as needed
KIN257Offered as needed
KIN258Offered as needed
KIN259Offered as needed
KIN260Fall, Spring
KIN300Fall, Spring
KIN301Fall, Spring
KIN302Fall, Spring
KIN303Fall, Spring
KIN304Fall, Spring
KIN305Fall, Spring
KIN310Offered as needed
KIN320Fall term only
KIN330Fall, Spring
KIN360Fall, Spring
KIN362Fall, Spring
KIN363Fall, Spring
KIN375SSpring term only
KIN376SFall, Spring
KIN377SSpring term only
KIN425Fall, Spring, Summer
KIN426Fall, Spring
KIN447Fall, Spring
KIN448Fall, Spring
KIN449Fall, Spring
KIN450Offered as needed
KIN461Fall, Spring
KIN462Fall, Spring
KIN463Fall term only
KIN464Spring term only
KIN465Fall term only
KIN470Spring term only
KIN476SFall term only
KIN477SSpring term only
KIN480Spring term only
KIN490Fall, Spring
KIN493Fall, Spring
KIN494Fall, Spring
KIN495Fall, Spring
KIN496Fall, Spring
KIN498SInfrequently offered
KIN500Offered as needed
KIN504Offered as needed
KIN514Infrequently offered
KIN516Offered as needed
KIN593SOffered as needed
KIN595Infrequently offered
KIN599Offered as needed
KIN600Fall, Spring


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