masters in nursing (MSN)


MSN500Summer term only
MSN502Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN503Offered as needed
MSN505Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN506Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN507Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN508Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN509Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN510Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN511Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN512Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN513Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN514Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN517Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN518Infrequently offered
MSN519Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN520Spring term only
MSN521 Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN522Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN523Fall term only
MSN525Spring term only
MSN526Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN527Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN528Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN529Infrequently offered
MSN530Fall, Spring
MSN531Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN532Infrequently offered
MSN533Spring term only
MSN534Fall term only
MSN535 Spring term only
MSN538Infrequently offered
MSN539Infrequently offered
MSN540Fall term only
MSN541Fall term only
MSN542Spring term only
MSN543Fall term only
MSN544Spring term only
MSN545Fall term only
MSN546Spring term only
MSN547Fall term only
MSN548Spring term only
MSN549Infrequently offered
MSN550Fall term only
MSN551Fall term only
MSN552Fall term only
MSN553Fall term only
MSN554Infrequently offered
MSN555Fall, Spring
MSN556Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN558Infrequently offered
MSN559Infrequently offered
MSN560Infrequently offered
MSN561Spring term only
MSN566Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN568Infrequently offered
MSN569Infrequently offered
MSN570Infrequently offered
MSN576Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN578Infrequently offered
MSN580Spring term only
MSN581Spring term only
MSN582Summer term only
MSN583Summer term only
MSN584Summer term only
MSN588Infrequently offered
MSN594Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN595Fall, Spring, Summer
MSN600Fall, Spring, Summer


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.