music (MUS)


MUS100Fall, Spring
MUS101Fall, Spring
MUS109Fall, Spring
MUS110Fall term only
MUS111Spring term only
MUS120Fall, Spring
MUS122Fall, Spring
MUS160Fall, Spring
MUS170Fall, Spring
MUS171Fall, Spring
MUS172Spring term only
MUS173Fall, Spring
MUS175Infrequently offered
MUS176Fall, Spring
MUS177Fall, Spring
MUS178Infrequently offered
MUS179Infrequently offered
MUS180Fall, Spring
MUS181Fall term only
MUS182Infrequently offered
MUS195Offered as needed 
MUS200Fall, Spring
MUS201Fall, Spring
MUS209Fall, Spring
MUS210Fall term only
MUS211Spring term only
MUS220Fall, Spring
MUS222Fall, Spring
MUS250Fall, Spring
MUS260Fall, Spring
MUS270Fall, Spring
MUS271Fall, Spring
MUS272Spring term only
MUS273Fall, Spring
MUS275Fall, Spring
MUS276Fall, Spring
MUS277Fall, Spring
MUS278Infrequently offered
MUS279Infrequently offered
MUS280Fall, Spring
MUS281Fall term only
MUS282Spring term only
MUS294Infrequently offered
MUS295Infrequently offered
MUS300Fall, Spring
MUS301Fall, Spring
MUS305AInfrequently offered
MUS308Fall term only
MUS309Fall, Spring
MUS310Fall term only
MUS311Spring term only
MUS312Fall, Spring
MUS315Spring term only
MUS316Fall term only
MUS320Fall, Spring
MUS322AFall, Spring
MUS325Spring term only
MUS333Infrequently offered
MUS340Fall, Spring
MUS345Fall term only
MUS360Fall, Spring
MUS370Fall, Spring
MUS371Fall, Spring
MUS372Spring term only
MUS373Fall, Spring
MUS375Infrequently offered
MUS376Fall, Spring
MUS377Fall, Spring
MUS378Infrequently offered
MUS379AInfrequently offered
MUS380Fall, Spring
MUS381AFall term only
MUS382Spring term only
MUS385Infrequently offered
MUS386Spring term only
MUS395Infrequently offered
MUS400Fall, Spring
MUS401Spring term only
MUS408Infrequently offered
MUS415Spring term only
MUS416Spring term only
MUS420Spring term only
MUS421Infrequently offered
MUS433Infrequently offered
MUS440Infrequently offered
MUS441Offered as needed 
MUS445Spring term only
MUS446AFall term only
MUS447ASpring term only
MUS448AFall term only
MUS460Fall, Spring
MUS470Fall, Spring
MUS471Fall, Spring
MUS472Spring term only
MUS473Fall, Spring
MUS475Fall, Spring
MUS476Fall, Spring
MUS477Fall, Spring
MUS478Infrequently offered
MUS479AInfrequently offered
MUS480Fall, Spring
MUS481SFall, Spring
MUS483SSpring term only
MUS485Fall term only
MUS486Spring term only
MUS493Fall, Spring
MUS494Fall, Spring
MUS495Fall, Spring
MUS496Fall, Spring
MUS499Fall, Spring
MUS580Infrequently offered
MUS581SInfrequently offered
MUS582SInfrequently offered
MUS593SInfrequently offered
MUS594SInfrequently offered


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.