instructional computing lab policies

Approved September 1998

General Rules

  • CSUDH computer labs are for the use of currently enrolled CSUDH, Extended Education, and CAMS students. Current Alumni Association members, currently employed faculty and staff, and faculty and staff emeriti may use the labs on a space available basis.
  • The resources are not available for other purposes such as commercial use or any activity invading the privacy of any member of the college community. Instructional Computing reserves the right to act when an individual uses the computer facilities in flagrant violation of these policies. A violator may be denied access, be reduced to limited access, or be brought to the attention of other University authorities for further action.
  • We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property or damage to electronic media.
  • Users must turn off cell phones before entering the labs.
  • No food and drink is allowed in the labs.

Rules for Use

  • The priority for using the labs is:
    • Scheduled classes or workshops for the University, its groups, Extended Education, and for CAMS.
    • Work assigned in a class.
    • Work that is University related.
  • During a scheduled class session in the labs, students not enrolled the class must relinquish their seats.

Rules for Users

  • A lab user may be asked to present a valid CSU Dominguez Hills ID (student, faculty, staff, Extended Education, CAMS) at any time.
  • A computer that has not been in active use for 10 minutes becomes available to the next user who has been waiting for one.
  • The labs are being monitored for possible misuse of University equipment.
  • The privacy of e-mail accounts cannot be guaranteed.
  • Viewing material which creates a hostile work environment will not be permitted.
  • Users shall also not implement and/or provide electronic material for entertainment purposes (i.e., games) in the Student labs run by Instructional Computing.
  • Usage of lab computers is conditional upon a user's leaving them in their original settings as determined by the Instructional Computing staff.
  • If a TORONET account is left logged in, please log the user out. DO NOT change the account owner's files, post false messages from the account, or encourage mail toward the account. Modification of user files is illegal under California law.

Rules About Hardware and Software

  • Lab equipment found to be non-functional should be reported to the lab assistant on duty.
  • Users should not attempt repairs of the equipment on their own, as more serious damage may result as well as possible personal injury.
  • All changes to equipment and software residing on equipment in the student labs must be done by authorized personnel from Instructional Computing.
  • Users are not allowed to install any software not licensed or approved by Instructional Computing. Piracy of software and abuse of hardware in the student labs can result in loss of lab privileges and possible criminal and disciplinary action.
  • Computer hardware must not be removed from the Instructional Computing labs except by approved Instructional Computing personnel. Equipment should not be moved with the labs. Lab furniture is to be left within the labs. Please report damaged furniture to the lab assistant on duty.
  • It is a criminal act to attempt to damage computer equipment or to try to attempt to modify any part of a computer system so that it does not function properly. Behavior which damages or modifies software components (operating systems, compilers, utilities, applications, etc.) is also criminal under California law.