College Governance

College of Education Governance 

The College of Education is committed to greater transparency in operations and decision making throughout the college. In an effort to increase transparency -- and in response to the CSUDH's Academic Senate's resolution for increasing transparency (EXEC 19-08 Resolution Calling for the Creation of Standards for College Councils of Chairs​) -- meeting agendas and minutes for the college's council of chairs meeting can be found (click here).

Cabinet Minutes

The 2019-2020 College of Education (COE) Cabinet's meeting minutes are made public for transparency purposes. These minutes contain decisions that were made in the cabinet meetings.


2019-2020 Cabinet Meeting Minutes & Agendas 

COE Cabinet Agenda - September 26, 2019 [PDF]

COE Cabinet Agenda - November 12, 2019 [PDF]

COE Cabinet Agenda - March 10, 2020 [PDF]

COE Cabinet Agenda - May, 12, 2020 [PDF]

COE Cabinet Agenda - June 9, 2020 [PDF]

2019-2020 COE Budget Report

COE 2019-2020 Budget Report [PDF]

Evaluation Center (EVAC)

The Evaluation Center works with the College of Education (COE) administrators, faculty, and staff, as well as other university personnel to manage to COE's Unit Assessment System:

  • Monitor and manage each program's assessment plan necessary for the college's accreditation. 
  • Verify data collection completeness and fidelity via Taskstream, SurveyMonkey, or FluidReview.
  • Aggregate and disaggregate datasets and provide preliminary interpretation and analysis of data for each program/unit to facilitate data reflection by faculty and staff.
  • Capture, analyze and incorporate multiple sources of data management system. 
  • Manage and maintain Box (a web-based secure file sharing platform) including the uploading of datasets, data analysis and reports, and DRPI+s (Data Reflection and Program Improvement plus Accountability). 
  • Design or update program-specific instruments and procedures to guide course,progra, and unit improvement. 
  • Maintain COE's Taskstream templates for data collection including creating or modifying existing templates, rubrics, or assessments as warranted or requested. 


  • Facilitate the preparation of annual external reports (CTC ADS reports, annual Title II, Exit, Alumni, and Employer reports) and internal reports (Student Learning Outcome Assessments Reports).


  • Prepare unit level data summary, based on external and internal reports and input from faculty college-wide meetings to assist COE leadership with analyzing, interpreting assessment data for unit improvement. 


  • Organize and facilitate the activities of the COE Evaluation Committee. 





Jarod Kawasaki

Assessment Coordinator

COE 1495


Darrel Skousen

Assessment Analyst

COE 1491


Elena Henriquez

COE Program Data Analyst

COE 1493


Janet Severance

Taskstream Coordinator