Inspired to transform urban schools -- just as you are.

CSUDH's College of Education is widely recognized not only for its relevant credential, education and graduate programs, but also for its faculty. College of Education classes are taught by professors who bring practical knowledge as working educators and school leaders in some of America's best-performing schools, as well as a passionate commitment to improving access to quality education for every student in our urban schools.

With small class sizes and low student-to-faculty ratios, faculty remain accessible and available both in and outside of class. More than instructors, they mentor you to become the kind of inspiring teachers and educators who change students' lives.

Faculty Directory

Locate faculty contact information by department or program.

Dean's Office
Department of Liberal Studies
Division of Teacher Education
Division of Graduate Education

Dean's Office

Dr. John DavisDean,
College of Education
(310) 243-3510COE 1490
Dr. Glenn DeVoogd

Associate Dean,         College of Education

(310) 243-3510

 COE 1490

Department of Liberal Studies

Hutton, LisaChair, Liberal Studies(310) 243-2748SCC 540
Crisostomo, JheriLecturer(310) 243-3836SCC 540
Macias, AngelaAssistant Professor(310) 243-3911SCC 540
Stacy, JenAssistant Professor(310) 243-2323SCC 540 F

Division of Teacher Education

Multiple Subject/Single Subject and Special Education

NamePositionTelephoneOfficeCourses Taught
Beard, KelliProfessor(310) 243-2832COE 1457 
Blackaller, Carrie AnnProfessor Emerita(310) 243-3900COE 1479 
Brockman, GwenLecturer(310) 243-2332COE 1434 
Curammeng, EdwardAssistant Professor(310) 243-2385COE 1438
Esposito, KateProfessor(310) 243-2684COE 1468 
Hamdan, KamalPI/Director, TTT, MSTI, Noyce(310) 243-3981COE 1458TED 400,411,468
Hembacher, DianeProfessor(310) 243-2706COE 1446 Fall 2017
Kulkarni, SailiAssistant Professor(310) 243-3914COE 1469 
McGovern, Elexia ReyesAssistant Professor(310) 243-2879COE 1429 
Mellblom, CaronProfessor(310) 243-2713COE 1437

SPE 460,480,507,541,546,556,560, 563,570,571,582,590,595

Nelson, Deandrea

Chair, Teacher Education, Professor(310) 243-2489COE 1401 BTED 400,410,467
Osisioma, IreneAssociate Professor(310) 243-3298COE 1471

CUR 516

TED 400,411,420,445S,453,


LBS 495

Sapp, JeffProfessor(310) 243-3721COE 1453 
Sarmiento, LiliaAssociate Professor(310) 243-1026COE 1431 
Selmi, AnnChair, Special Education,  Professor(310) 243-2533COE 1401 A 
Tang, KimmieAssistant Professor310-243-1027COE 1435
Trimble, KimProfessor(310) 243-3933COE 1414 Spring 2018

Division of Graduate Education

Normore, AnthonyProfessor and Chair(310) 243-3925COE 1410A
Bersi, JannaProfessor(310) 243-1063COE 1463
Contreras, MaxProfessor(310) 243-3918COE 1445
Fernandez, YeseniaAssistant Professor(310) 243-3754COE 1441
Fortner, KittyAssistant Professor(310) 243-2618COE 1439
Furtado, LeenaProfessor(310) 243-2743LIB 4579
Issa-Lahera, Antonia (Toni)Associate Professor(310) 243-2590SCC 1003
Mancillas, AdrieanProfessor(310) 243-2680COE 1444
Richardson, A. TerryProfessor(310) 243-2744COE 1462
Robinson, PamelaLecturer(310) 243-2201COE 1443
Sullivan, CarolLecturer(310) 243-3904COE 1451


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