History Project

The History Project

The History Project at CSULB and CSUDH is a joint project between CSU Long Beach and CSU Dominguez Hills and is part of a larger statewide collaborative, The California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP). The History Project builds partnerships between educators and scholars using research, theory, knowledge of the discipline and best practices to deepen the quality of K12-university instruction in history-social science in the southern Los Angeles region.

The History Project has offered high-quality professional development to area teachers for almost two decades. The Project partners with schools and districts on state and federal grants including Teaching American History Grants and offers a variety of professional development.

Contact Information:

Dr. Lisa Hutton
(310) 243-2748

Dave Neumann
(562) 985-2122

Website: The History Project

Current professional development opportunities include:

  • Elementary Grade-Level Institutes
  • Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) workshops with the Library of Congress
  • World History Institute
  • Institute on the Holocaust
  • Fall and Spring History-Social Science Conference for credential students and area teachers
  • Lectures & Symposiums by scholars on a variety of topics
  • India Book Club

The History Project education scholars offer knowledge about research and theory in discipline-based pedagogy. University historians and scholars from related disciplines provide expertise in history content, historiography and historical practice. Classroom teachers contribute understanding of best practices in history instruction. Together these partners seek to employ inquiry approaches to learning, regularly assess student understanding, create cognitive tools to support student learning and reflect on their own instructional practices to improve history-social science education at all levels.

CHSSP is a California Subject Matter Project (CSMP). CSMP is a network of nine discipline-based statewide projects that support ongoing quality professional development. Learn more about CSMP.