Student Testimonials


Becky Schlafer
Becky Schlafer

Director, Student Business Services
Chapman University
I was excited to get the news that I was admitted to the Higher Education Administration and Leadership program. I have been looking for something that encompasses the different areas of higher education and leadership, and this program really hits it all. It has been a blessing to be part of this program and learn from colleagues, guest speakers, and high quality professors. The HEAL environment provides real life situations that empower you to grow and to apply your knowledge to both your profession and your personal life. I definitely recommend this program.

As a student in the HEAL program, I had the opportunity to learn and grow as a higher education professional and gain from the professional diversity of my cohort, as well as develop the fundamental tools to be a successful leader of change. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in higher education. With amazing faculty, a great cohort, and courses that accommodate my work schedule, I feel empowered to apply the core aspects of the program towards making a lasting impact on the students I serve.

Kendrick JonesKendrick M. Jones
Enrollment Specialist

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science


Carolyn Gardner

Carolyn Caffrey Gardner
Information Literacy Coordinator, University Library
California State University, Dominguez Hills

The coursework for HEAL has helped me see connections in my work to that of the larger university environment. I have a better understanding of the entire university ecosystem and imagine that this knowledge will help me move further in my career as a higher education professional. Through participation in HEAL, I’ve had an opportunity to meet professionals from all levels of universities throughout Southern California, thus increasing my own professional network. Learning from current practitioners and professionals is my favorite part of the program!

The HEAL program was exactly what I was hoping for! My classmates and I have been able to engage with higher education professionals, as well as participate in relevant conferences. The curriculum allowed me to stay engaged with higher education in an academic setting while furthering my professional development. Being immersed in a focused certificate program after graduating from my master's program has allowed me to stay current in the research and have insightful discussions with colleagues from different campuses. The HEAL program continues to inspire me to make a positive impact on students and challenges me to continually think critically.Jacqueline ToyJacqueline Toy
Academic Advisor, University Honors Program
California State University, Long Beach