Graduation Questions

How many units do I need to graduate?

You will need a minimum of 120 semester units to graduate.  However, you may end up with more units in order to complete all your General Education and Liberal Studies requirements.

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What does it mean to "file for graduation"?  When should I do it?

It means you will need to fill out an application to graduate, have an LBS advisor sign the application, and pay a fee at the cashier's window.  See the Liberal Studies web page related to graduation for information on filing dates and procedures.

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I was not a good student at the community college, but I've turned my life around since coming to CSUDH.  Are there any honors I can still receive at graduation?

Yes, you may still qualify for "Honors in the Major" if you have a 3.5 GPA in your upper division coursework.  See the page related to graduation for more information.

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