Transfer Questions

What courses can I take at the community college to prepare for Liberal Studies?

CSUDH Liberal Studies courses that can be completed at the community college are listed on  You should finish your general education requirements and request GE Certification from you community college.  [You are eligible to apply if you have completed at least the CSUDH General Education "AREA A" section, have 60 transferable units, and a GPA of at least 2.0 to transfer to CSUDH.]

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How many units can I transfer from a community college?

The maximum number of units that will be accepted towards graduation at any CSU is 70.

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Can I still take courses at a community college even if I have already transferred 70 units?

Yes, you may still be able to take courses at the community college and they will still meet course requirements.  The problem is that the units won't count for graduation.  If you have already completed 70 transferable units at the community college, that means you will need at least 50 units (of which 40 must be upper division units) at CSUDH in order to graduate.  If you're not sure, see a Liberal Studies adviser.

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