Major Requirements

AREA I – Language and Literature (21-22 units)

ANT 312Language and Culture (3) or
ENG 310The Study of Language (3) or
SPA 435A Sociolinguistic Approach to Mexican American Dialect (3)
ENG 111Freshman Composition II (3)
ENG 305Critical Reading of Literature (3)
ENG 308Critical Approaches to Children's Literature (3)
ENG 350Advanced Composition (3) or
IDS 397Writing Adjunct (2) and
IDS 398Writing Adjunct (2)
ENG 487Introduction to Second Language Teaching and Learning (3)
LBS 355Writing in Education (3)

AREA II – Mathematics and Science (18 units)

BIO 102General Biology (3)
BIO 103LGeneral Biology Lab (1)
MAT 107Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: Real Number (3)
MAT 207Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: Fundamentals of Geometry (4)
PHY 300Physical Science for Teachers (4)
SMT 416Earth Science for Teachers (3)

AREA III – History and Social Science (18 units)

ANT 102(Ancient Civilizations) or HIS 120 (Ancient World Civilization) (3)
GEO 350
HIS 101
World Regional Geography (3)
History of the United States (3)
HIS 301Individual, Family and Community in Historical Perspective (3)
LBS 375The California Experience (3)
SBS 318Upper division G.E. and major requirement-Cultural Pluralism (3)

AREA IV – Visual and Performing Arts (15 units)

ART 100Looking at Art (3) or
THE 100Television, Film and Theatre (3)
ART 301Arts and Crafts for the nonmajors (3) or
THE 337Creative Dramatics (3) or
THE 374Stage Directing (3)
DAN 130Dance Perceptions (3) or
MUS 101Introducing Music (3)
DAN 440Dance for Children (3) or
KIN 447Dance Education in the Elementary School (3) or
MUS 340Music for Children (3)
HUM 310Key Concepts (3) or
HUM 312Key Movements (3) or
HUM 314Key Issues (3)

AREA V – Professional Development (3 units)

LBS 200Introduction to Liberal Studies (1)
LBS 300Early Fieldwork for Liberal Studies Majors (2)
LBS 400Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies (3)
KIN 425Physical Education in the Elementary School (3)
PSY 350Child Psychology (3)

AREA VI – Options (12 units)

Please click on the Options List for individual course requirements. One course (3 units) from the core requirements may "double count" in the Option. If a course "double counts" it is indicated by a (#) symbol next to the course requirement listed in the Option list.