"The Teacher's Major"

Liberal Studies provides an interdisciplinary program designed for students who intend to become elementary and special education teachers.

Program Goals

The Liberal Studies department at CSUDH seeks to provide a quality, broad-based education for the future elementary school teacher.  The program is designed to serve the particular urban setting of Southern California, with its dynamic racial and ethnic mix, while conserving the fundamentals of a liberal arts and science education.

Academic Advisement

All newly admitted students (or any current CSUDH student wishing to change majors) must attend an advising meeting.  The mandatory meeting will include: transferability of courses and beginning student files.  Continuing Liberal Studies majors should see an advisor each year, advisors are available throughout the semester.  Call (310) 243-3832 to confirm advisors' schedules.  In addition to program and professional advisement, advisors will refer the student to other needed student services.

Program Structure

The major includes:  (1) the Core - specific courses and electives in each of five areas:  Language and Literature; Mathematics and Science; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Humanities and Fine Arts; and Professional Development.  These courses have been chosen to provide a strong subject matter basis for the program.  (2) the Option - students are expected to study a subject in depth within the Liberal Studies major.  To do this, students may select any approved option in the Options section.  The option provides students with the pedagogical benefits obtained from pursuing a subject in depth.

Mission Statement

The mission of Liberal Studies is to develop and maintain a model undergraduate program which successfully prepares well-educated persons to teach in diverse multiple subject classrooms.

Vision Statement

All Liberal Studies students will attain the highest level of academic knowledge, applied learning and performance skills to ensure fulfilling personal lives and careers in education.