Program Description

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The Multiple and Single Subject Intern Program is an alternative preliminary credential pathway that allows candidates to work in P-12 public schools as classroom teacher of record while they complete university coursework necessary to become credentialed teachers. The Intern Program is designed to be completed in three semesters. The Intern Program has formal agreements with school districts and public Charter Schools where interns are employed. As such, the Intern Program is a collaborative effort between the University and schools that provide mentoring via on-site support providers and university fieldwork supervisors. The Intern Program offers the following Preliminary Credential programs:

  • Multiple Subject (MS), which authorizes the credential holder to teach in self-contained classrooms in grades K-8
  • Single Subject (SS), which authorizes the credential holder to teach a specific subject (English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Music, Art), usually in the middle school or high school settings

Required coursework for each credential can be obtained in the Teacher Education Division Office located in the College of Education, Small College Complex. Please visit the TED Handbook  or the university catalog for more information.