Single Subject

Single Subject Program

The Single Subject Program prepares students to complete their Single Subject Credential authorizing them to teach a specific subject typically in public middle and high school classrooms in California. Single Subject candidates develop the knowledge, skills and classroom experiences to spark students' love for learning in a particular subject.

With a focus on preparing teachers motivated and inspired to improve academic achievement in our local high-needs urban schools, the Single Subject Program leads to more than a credential. It empowers teachers to change lives.

Features of the Single Subject Program

Real Classroom Experience

Single Subject students complete supervised student teaching or internships in urban classrooms, interacting with a diverse range of students.

Flexible Options

Students have the option to complete a University Internship or a Student Teaching position.

  • Candidates who are currently contracted public school teachers but have no preliminary credential complete a University Internship under the guidance of a trained CSUDH supervisor and a school-based support provider. Visit the MS/SS Intern Program.
  • Students who do not currently teach in a public school setting enroll in the Student Teaching Option. The student teacher receives support and guidance from a CSUDH field supervisor as well as an experienced master teacher from the partnering public school.

Strong School Relationships

Single Subject candidates benefit from the College of Education's strong partnerships with local school districts who actively seek our students to fill student teaching positions.

Respected Credential

Student teachers from our Single Subject Program are recognized and valued for the preparedness and passion for teaching in urban schools.

To learn more about the Single Subject Program and other Teacher Education Programs, including how to apply and requirements, call (310) 243-3525.