infraction procedures

Procedures for Managing CSUDH Copyright Infraction Notices

  1. An emailed notice comes to the inbox. This mailbox is a distribution list that includes the CSUDH copyright agent, information security officer, Network Services staff, and the directors of Administrative Information Systems, Instructional Technology, and Network, Telecommunications and Help Desk Services. Occasionally the notice is emailed directly to the copyright agent, who forwards the notice to
  2. The copyright agent adds a line describing the notice to the CSUDH Copyright Infringement Notifications spreadsheet (CSUDH Copyright Infringement Notifications.xls), located in I:\IT\copyright\.
  3. Network Services staff investigate the claim in a timely manner.
  4. If a workstation can be identified, the staff person opens a help desk ticket. A help desk consultant visits the workstation, ensuring that malware or peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software or other problem software is removed. If the workstation is assigned to an employee, the employee is visited by the CIO and the employee’s supervisor and is subject to actions described in the University’s acceptable use policy, “Use of Information Technology Services and Resources and Electronic Mail Systems or Services [PDF],” Presidential Memorandum (PM) 2009-12. If the software is found on a student’s computer, the student is referred to the Student Affairs discipline process outlined in “Student Conduct Procedures,” Executive Order (EO) No. 1043,
  5. The copyright agent sends an email to the originator of the complaint, stating the resolution of the problem. A copy of the email is saved at I:\IT\copyright\resolutions.
  6. If a workstation cannot be identified, the copyright agent states that in an email to the originator of the complaint, saving a copy of the email at I:\IT\copyright\resolutions.

Approved by the CSUDH Technology Advisory Council, May 24, 2010.

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